Brexit: Irish Foreign Minister accuses the United Kingdom of “perverted nationalism” on the approach of US trade

The Irish Foreign Minister accused the United Kingdom of “perverted nationalism” and “narrow thinking” in trying to preempt the European Union to reach a trade agreement with Washington alone.

Simon Coveney called for more cooperative efforts, saying that instead of “competing for interest” in the Biden administration, Britain, the European Union, the United States and Canada should work together to reach a common agreement.

In an interview with tensesHowever, he also reiterated his concerns about the weakening of confidence in the UK as a negotiating partner after the unilateral decision to extend the so-called “grace period” in the Northern Ireland Protocol.

But addressing the prospects for a US trade deal – desirable by Brexit supporters who have argued for an independent trade policy – Coveney said there was “enough division and competition globally rather than creating more domestically.”

“Instead of the European Union and the United Kingdom competing for attention in Washington, as they strive to be the first to strike a trade deal, it makes sense that the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States and Canada make it all,” he said.

Frankly, the idea that Britain can have its first idea is a narrow one. It is a corrupt nationalism when in reality Britain and the European Union should work together as partners. “

When he pressed his note in a separate interview BBC Radio 4 today On the show, Mr Covigny seemed to be softening his rhetoric, saying, “ I was asked about a trade deal across the Atlantic and I said I don’t think it makes sense for some in the UK to see that it’s like a race to see who can get a trade deal with the United States. Firstly.

He added, “We should consider a transatlantic trade deal that includes the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and others if they want to participate.

“We all run economies on very similar rules and structures, and in my opinion the transatlantic relationship that includes Britain should be strong both economically and globally.”

No. 10 is unlikely to accept his call for a joint trade deal, as Johnson has long promoted a transatlantic trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States as an advantage for leaving the bloc and previously said it would “reflect the unique closeness of our two great nations.”

Speaking after the pernicious row between the European Union and the United Kingdom over the Northern Ireland Protocol, Mr Covigny also said tenses: This has fostered a lot of doubts in Brussels about whether or not this is a British government that we can count on to be a reliable partner when it comes to implementing what has already been agreed upon.

La période de grâce – un assouplissement temporaire des contrôles pour les supermarchés et les fournisseurs – a été mise en place pour donner aux entreprises le temps de s’adapter aux nouvelles barrières commerciales à travers la mer d’Irlande et devait expirer à la fin March.

Speaking on Friday, Boris Johnson said at a hypothetical press conference while visiting Northern Ireland that the protocol needed to be “corrected”.

He said, “You cannot have a situation where dirt or plots of land or tractors with mud on their tires or whatever cannot easily travel from one part of the United Kingdom to another – c” is the United Kingdom “.

The prime minister added: “What I didn’t want to see was a lot of checks on things going from Great Britain to NI in a way that stopped trade and confused and angered people. “

“I didn’t want to see traffic obstacles of sausages and tractors with mud on their tires and everything, and I also didn’t think it would be necessary and I think that’s why we put the heights we have, because I think makes sense that there is some balance in all of this and I think There is a way forward and that is what we want.

In another interview, Cabinet Minister Brandon Lewis admitted to a tweet by the Northern Ireland Government Office claiming that there would be no “borders” in the Irish Sea between Britain and Northern Ireland after Brexit had not stood the test of time.

He said the news Diary: “This tweet did not stand the test of time well and you should try to learn from this experience; you have to stumble a little to figure out how to come back … I’ll make sure to keep these issues in mind when I tweet in the future.”

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