Brexit: Guernsey wants to maintain a calm climate with the English Channel and Normandy

Guernsey remembered the links it had with the canal and Normandy. (© La Presse de la Manche)

Jonathan Le Tuck is Guernsey Foreign Minister, Repeat the will of his government Maintain quality relationships with its closest institutional neighbors, the Manché County Council and the Normandy region, In a tense context in the Channel Sea, on the Jersey side.

Jersey’s approach is not to be confused with that of the distinguished, Bailiwick Guernsey.

Jonathan Low TalkGuernsey Foreign Minister

Do not fuse

Three weeks ago, dozens of French fishing boats gathered again in front of the port of the Anglo-Norman island’s capital, protesting the fishing conditions imposed on French sailors after Brixi.

“We remain vigilant about Discussions between the European Union and the United Kingdom over the interpretation provided by Jersey Of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), which is causing outrage and anxiety among our fishermen, Mark Lefevre and Hervé Morin explained in a joint press release.

Guernsey warns of merger risks. “The approach adopted by Jersey should not be confused with that of the distinguished, from Billiwick Guernsey,” which “insists that its fishing fleet is not harmful solely because of its geographical proximity, because of” a conflict that does not concern this, “confirms the Secretary of State.

Extended licenses

On Tuesday morning, Guernsey decided to extend the validity of the temporary licenses by one month. This relates to Channel 20 boats over 12 meters in length and 4 units under 12 meters in length.

“If necessary, we will extend this temporary apparatus beyond the 30th of June,” confirms Jonathan Le Tuck.

We are in no hurry to change things and we want our decisions to be understood.

Marc Lefevre and Hervé Morin declared that they were “sensitive” to the initiative of the Guernsey government, citing the need to “maintain a calm climate” between professionals and institutions.

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