Brexit (also) is settled in Montmorillon

About 3,600 residence permit application files were submitted by Britons living in Vienna, a sub-county of Montmorillon.

Jane and John Handley have an appointment that day to apply for their residence permit. On Tuesday afternoon, the Montmorillon sub-county was closed to the public. But it is open to British citizens. Next to the front door, we read this word for their attention: Please knock on the door (Knock on the door, please). This retired Welsh couple have been living in France since 2009. They installed Chareau in Civraisien, then put their bags in Aix-en-Provence and then Angoulme when John was working as an English teacher.

If Britain leaves the European Union, they will lose their status as European citizens. But the agreement with the European Union offered some flexibility for British citizens and their family members who had resided in France before 1 January. They can benefit from a fixed 5 or 10 year residence permit which preserves their rights.

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It’s a disaster

Jane and John are on schedule, when others have applied for their residence permit in 2019. The deadline is June 30 to get the precious sesame at the end of September. The government is considering extending the deadline. For Britons who will then arrive in France, they will be considered aliens from any country outside the European Union, He points to Benno Bersky, the deputy governor of Montmorillon.
Britain’s exit from the European Union is a disaster. Freedom of movement is over. It’s hard to work, our kids can’t come easily, Jane and John testify. For our children and our three grandchildren, we should get full insurance if they come. You have to pay to come.
Choose France Not just for red wine and cheese…and rugby, John jokes. We really love the quality of life, the people and the weather! Community life, such as the role of the municipality in the village. They do a lot for kids, for example. In Great Britain, there is no. The money goes to the big cities.

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3.600 DJ Talabat

The Montmorillon sub-county is processing Brexit applications for the section of Vienne. We have about 3,600 applications for a residence permit and there are still a few days left before the deadline, notes Benno Persky. We had an estimated 2,500. Many of these people are not listed by the UK authorities.
Administrators have play the game, the Deputy Governor appreciates, and welcomes the involvement of the employee, some of whom make appointments frequently in English. To meet the demand, the sub-prefecture requested a second fingerprint device.


What about driving licenses?

The French and British authorities have reached an agreement on the continuation of mutual recognition of driving licenses which will come into effect from Monday 28 June 2021. The principle of recognition remains in effect for holders of a British driver’s license issued before 1 January 2021, who therefore do not need to exchange their license for a French one, regardless about their nationality. This principle also applies to French permit holders residing in the United Kingdom. Concretely, UK pass holders living in France and French pass holders living in the UK can continue to travel with their original valid permit. They do not need to request a replacement of the country of residence permit, unless the original permit has expired or if that permit has been lost or stolen.
On the other hand, the exchange of a license is mandatory for holders of a driver’s license issued after January 1, 2021 and who wish to reside for more than a year in France. In this case, the holders have a period of one year after their installation in the state to request such a change.
Any British driver’s license holder who goes to France on a short tourist trip can drive there on his licence. This also applies to French drivers traveling to the UK.

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