Brettwell. Espace France Services will “support and simplify the lives of the residents”

Daily administrative procedures, Espace France France services have been operating in Breteuil since September 2020

After, after Men (Eure) Who opened him Espace France Services (EFS) in January 2020, It’s turn Brettwell (ur) To be in the spotlight with the audience Awori Governor, Jerome Filipini.

This is the second site in the territory Interco Normandie Sud Eure (INSE)Sylvie Cormier, Second Vice President in charge of regional relations and participatory approach within INSE, confirms. Altogether, there will be four. “

Britolian opened its doors in September 2020 in the presence of two Interco dealerships.

Very practical

Day-to-day administrative procedures, related to health, family, retirement or work, the French services spaces offer nine services: Ministry of Interior services (assistance in renewing identity papers, driver’s licenses and registration), public finances (income tax declaration, allocation, withholding tax), and justice (user support In access to law), health insurance, pension insurance, family benefits, Pôle emploi, Mutualité sociale agricole, La Poste.

Located in the attachment room, the former building of the Rescue Center, “it’s a very operational structure,” says Brettwell Mayor Gerard Chiron, who contributes to improving the quality of the relationship between the large organizations in charge of the service. The public, and its users. Those who are physically distant or have a hard time understanding how it works. “

In the presence of the Governor of Ur, Jerome Filipini, the Mayor of Bretwell Gérard Chiron and other elected representatives of the Territory, the venue was opened.

564 people

The first judge said that he “is very happy with the establishment of this local service in our town which will allow our citizens to support in their administrative and digital life. This space aims to support the residents in many services. Services that are often digitized even though not all residents have computer skills. Everyone’s invaluable help in compiling a file. “

Another development underway, “The biometrics station, which was in the town hall, was moved to issue identity cards and passports on March 16th within the services of Espace France.”

As Sylvie Cormer notes, since opening in Brettwell, “we counted 564 people face-to-face and 219 people by phone.” Good average and proof that this type of device works.

Survey satisfaction

And she continued: “We will conduct a user satisfaction survey in order to obtain feedback on our services.” Even if the first returns, to Rugles or Breteuil, are apparently satisfactory.

Seizing the opportunity to visit the city of Brittoli, the Governor of Uri highlighted, “This first counter, a generalized reception area, simplifies people’s lives, whether it is a matter of simple information. Or escort them by hand to help them.” Severin Gibson, MP for Your 1 District, spoke of “the information mine for users”.

comfortable. Espace France Services in Breteuil, rue d’Huckelhoven in Breteuil sur Iton, 02 32 29 76 50, [email protected]. The public digital space can only be accessed by designation.

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