Brest residents will be able to green the public space on their own – Brest

Beautify the city and enhance biodiversity. The city and city will issue permits to re-cover the feet of the walls in the façade of buildings and the feet of trees and small earthen spaces found in Brest, by creating pits where plants can be grown.

Of course, before acting, it will be necessary to ensure informed consent for community services. Several points to consider. “Pavement development projects can only be accepted on the condition that a free pedestrian lane of at least 1.40 meters is maintained, subject to accessibility rules for people with limited mobility and pedestrians. The size of the pits will be adapted to the context of the planting site. The depth will generally be 40 cm. Preferably. The boundaries are constructed or consist of standard elements, “explains the press release.

The cost of the pit covered

On the side of the facade, if climbing plants are planted, a “root block” system can be installed to prevent the roots from cracking the foundation stone of the facade. In order to prevent any infiltration into the dwelling, the walls of the pit, on the side of the facade, must be watertight. Ensure water permeability at the bottom of the hole.

The average construction cost of the pit is estimated at 400 euros, including tax. This amount is supported by Brest Métropole, “indicates its services. The community will offer a” starter kit of five plants per linear meter (or climbing plant) for front feet or ten plants per square meter of tree feet or open space. “

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It will not be the jungle …

Of course, we will not be able to grow anything just to avoid various inconveniences. Until an accurate list is provided, suppose “consumable plants (very close to automobile traffic), invasive alien plants, plants with tracked roots (risk of damaging the sidewalk), prickly, stinging or irritating plants will be excluded. Toxicity, especially those that resemble edible plants, trees and large shrubs. ” The weeds will be removed manually. Insecticides will not be allowed.

You can apply for a greening permit at the town hall or by filling out a Internet form. This is until June 21. It will be possible to do this every year in the spring and autumn.

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