Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro attacks institutions and elections

We want clean elections that can be verified by public vote counting. I cannot participate in a farce like the one promoted by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Quote from:Jair Bolsonaro, the outgoing president of Brazil

By calling his supporters for mass protests across the country on National Day, Jair Bolsonaro wanted to show off strength, when he had never waned in his nearly three years in office.

He was awarded the loser against former President Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva in the October 2022 elections, his popularity rating was at an all-time low and weakened by several investigations opened at the Supreme Court’s order against him.

The opposition, despite its weak mobilization, also demonstrated and demanded the departure of a president accused of threatening democracy, managing the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the economy: unemployment and inflation.

Present in the morning with his supporters in the Brazilian capital, Jair Bolsonaro announced that a new story He was writing in Brazil.

Your support is essential for us to move forward. I want to say to those who want to make me ineligible in Brasilia: Only God can remove me from here!

Quote from:Jair Bolsonaro, the outgoing president of Brazil

The crowd greeted him warmly with shouts Legend, legend! (Superstitionhis nickname).

Supporters of President Bolsonaro demonstrate in Sao Paulo.


risk of disqualification

Jair Bolsonaro risks being declared disqualified for his repeated attacks against the electronic voting system in place in Brazil since 1996. He has repeatedly denounced fraud, without ever providing any evidence.

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According to his critics, his criticism is a strategy of challenging the score to the end in the event of defeat next year, as the former President Donald Trump he admires.

On the contrary, his supporters hope that Jair Bolsonaro will go even further. We are here to say that the president and the military should intervene. They are the only ones who protect our freedom. From September 7, they can do itValdivino Pereira, a metal worker at a rally in Sao Paulo, told AFP.

Even more troubling are these president’s rhetoric against democratic institutions, particularly the Supreme Court, unheard of since the return of democracy. After the military dictatorship of 1964-1985, political scientist Mauricio Santoro lamented.

At the end of the afternoon, as the Avenida Paulista began to be emptied, as 125 thousand Bolsonarios gathered, according to figures from Public Security, no major incidents were reported. But journalists were harassed in Brasilia.

Dozens of pro-Bolsonaro protesters gathered in the morning in the capital as security, with at least 5,000 police, was beefed up to avoid any re-issue of the Capitol invasion last January, in Washington.

The night before, hundreds of Bolsonarists in trucks had broken through barricades and entered the road to Congress and the Supreme Court, which they threatened to invade. On Tuesday afternoon, journalists were violently attacked by Bolsonarios.

threatening words

Arrived in the afternoon in São Paulo after Brasilia, Jair Bolsonaro gave a speech with a military tone.

He particularly attacked one of the Supreme Court justices, Alexandre de Moraes, who ordered investigations to be opened against him and his entourage, in particular for spreading false information.

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either head [la Cour suprême] Restores [Moraes] In its place, either this power will suffer consequences that no one wants, did he say.

Clear threatening words, while Jair Bolsonaro has already presented this day of mobilization as a warning against the Supreme Court.

We don’t want a breakup. We do not want to fight with other powers. But we cannot allow anyone to jeopardize our freedomHe added to the applause of the demonstrators draped in yellow and green Brazilian flags.

Almost none of them wore a mask, while, despite advances in vaccination, the epidemic is far from under control in a country where more than 580,000 people have died from COVID-19.

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