Brave winger Axel Muller dreams of playing in the 2023 World Cup with the United States

Brave winger Axel Muller, Argentina’s seven-year-old international, dreams of playing the 2023 World Cup in France… with the United States, he explained to AFP, after World Rugby relaxed the eligibility rules for international players. “The dream that I had since I was young and that I know rugby is to play the World Cup. Having lived there for ten years, I feel as Argentine as I do as American. I have dual citizenship. The base is there, I have the right to use it to play with us. I was educated in the United States, in Phoenix, ArizonaMueller told AFP in an interview.

At 28 years old, Briviste (12 games, including 10 as the defending champion this season, 2 attempts scored) was over 100 selections between 2013 and 2016 with Argentina’s team in 7 but was not called up by Pumas, selection in 15th. “The reason is simple after the Olympics (2016, editor’s note), Call me Toulon. I made the decision to join this club, it was a decision for my career, and it was in the best interest of my future. I had a choice to continue with the Seven or to change my life, to change my profession. The union doesn’t like me to leave. Since then, even if the coach calls me, the Federation does not want me’, explained the former Toulon player (2016-2018) or Oyonax (2017-2018).

At the end of November, World Rugby relaxed international eligibility rules. Thus a player can claim to change the national team.”Once“On the condition that you have not played in an international match for three years,” andTo be born in the country of the Union to which he wishes to move” where “Have a parent or grandfather born in this country».

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