Boxing – Boxing Super Wilters: Solomon Sissoko won with his comeback

Super Flyweight Boxing – This is definitely one of the shocks of the year on Boxing Planet! After their last encounter 9 years ago, “Chocolatetto” Gonzalez, a Nicaraguan Romanian and Mexican Juan Francisco Estrada, met in the ring on Saturday night in Dallas. Reunification of the WBA and WBC World Championship titles are also at stake!

These two of the greatest boxers of the past 10 years will be meeting on Saturday. The two superheroes want to fight the battle a second time. This poster in between chocolate And the The rooster It will be held on Saturday evening, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas (USA).

A revenge awaits 9 years!

That was in 2012. At that time, Roman Gonzalez And the Juan Francisco Estrada He actually had fake names in the lighter boxing categories. On the one hand, Roman Gonzalez, who was 25 years old, was already the world champion in two classes (straw and half-flies) and second in the world in the half-flyweight category. On the other hand, Juan Francisco Estrada, who was only 22 years old, was looking to win his first world title and was in third place among the half-flies. In fact, Roman Gonzalez has put his Middleweight flyweight WBA belt into play. Unfortunately for the Mexican, he couldn’t defeat Roman Gonzalez Who won the clash after the unanimous decision of the judges.

Moreover, nine years later, Juan Francisco Estrada had yet to digest defeat. Actually, through an interview with the podium Dazen, Who is broadcasting the fight on Saturday, the Mexican believes he deserves better. “I think they gave Roman Gonzalez a lot of points. It should have been more stringent in terms of the judges ’decision.” For him, the reputation of the WBA champion at the time definitely made all the difference. “Lots of people thought I won, but I was still an unknown boxer. He was the best in all categories at the time. The judges couldn’t give me victory. Knockout was the only way. “

List of myths

In 2021, this time the two Boxers were in the super flyweight, two classes above. Just like in 2012, Nicaragua, now 33, takes second place in the ranking BoxRec The 30-year-old Mexican followed him in third place. So two of the best names in the category are competing against each other.

Since 16 years now, Roman Gonzalez, nickname chocolateAnd the Rallying titles in several categories of professional boxing. In fact, the Nicaraguan Boxer has won five belts, in four different classes (straw, medium flies, flies, super flies). He is also the first man to win a world champion title in the lightest of the four boxing categories. Today, he is the current world champion of WBA Super fly. Since 2005, the Managua native has played 52 fights, with only 50 wins and two losses. Even more impressive is the number of fights won before the maximum. Roman Gonzalez owns 41, roughly 80% of the KO. Brainstorming!

Juan Francisco Estrada That we nicknamed Rooster, Considered, through Ring Magazine, As the current best ultra flyweight. In fact, the Mexican also has a good track record with three world champion belts in two different classes (super flies and superhero flies). Today, his record is 44 contested fights, compared to 41 victories, including 28 before the end, and three defeats. He is the current WBC superhero.

Consolidation and the third battle against Wangek is at stake

As in 2012, Gonzalez and Estrada are second and third in their class, respectively, according to the ranking. BoxRec. Only this time in the paranormal flying class. The two boxers have two other things in common. The first is that he fought his last battle in October 2020. On the one hand, Estrada defeated his compatriot Carlos Quadras (39 v, 27 KO, 4 d, 1 n) on Technical KO in the eleventh round. On the other hand, Ramon Gonzalez defeated the Mexican Israel Gonzalez (26v, 11 KO, 4d) in points. Common second point, they both scored their last defeat to the same opponent.

In fact, he was a Thai boxer Wisaksil Wangek (49V, 42KW, 5D, 1N), current number 4 supernatural flies. For Chocolatito, the double showdown was rather bad. In fact, after losing points in March 2017, Nicaragua were knocked out in the fourth round after six months! Those two defeats made Gonzalez think, he explains Dazen. It was a very difficult and difficult period. It affected me so much there was a time I wanted to quit smoking. ” But the hero was able to recover to continue to hold his place as a legend. ” I took a long break which definitely helped me put my thoughts back in place. “

As for Estrada, like Gonzalez, he lost his first battle on points, in 2018. However, he won the rematch the following year. For the two boxers, who are fighting to reunite the WBA and WBC super flyweight titles, there would be potential for a third fight against the Thais. In fact, the latter is a mandatory contender for WBC and thus will meet the winner out of shock. In the meantime, we expect a lot from the rematch between the Misa boxers already in noble art history.

Alexander Geoffroy

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