Boris Johnson urges not to end COVID restrictions after polls | United kingdom

NHS doctor discusses backlog of coronavirus waiting lists

On Monday, one death from Covid was recorded, bringing the total to 127,539. Another 1,649 cases were confirmed. Today, only four people have died after testing positive for the virus, with infections increasing by 1946.

Boris Johnson urged not to end lockdown restrictions (Image :.)

Boris Johnson urged not to end lockdown restrictions (Image: North Carolina)

Meanwhile, more than 34,000,000 people have received their first dose of the vaccine and more than 15,000,000 have received the second dose, according to the latest government figures.

Speaking to Twitter, former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage insisted that “enough is enough”.

“One death from Covid today and now 50 million vaccines have been given, but we still cannot eat in a restaurant or kiss our loved ones,” said Mr. Farage.

In the survey – which ran from 9 am to 10 pm today – he asked: “Should UK restrictions be lifted now after only one death has been recorded?”

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England is still stuck

England is still stuck (Image:.)

Out of 4,298 votes, 60% (2,620) of people said restrictions should not be eased despite a decrease in the number of injuries and deaths.

As many as 40% (1,637) said lockdown restrictions should be eased, while only 41 people said they did not know.

Someone said, “For Heaven’s sake, these are the usual numbers for Sunday, albeit very encouraging.

“We have held out for a long time, so let’s give those who are waiting / want to be vaccinated an extra month to get it.

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Coronavirus case in the UK

Coronavirus case in the UK (Image: Express)

“Let’s be prepared as much as possible this time.”

Another reader said: “What bit of caution confuses these people?

“It doesn’t stay long, so don’t waste it.”

Another person said, “No. Stick to the road map.

England is in a third lockdown

England is in third lockdown (Photo: PA)

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Another added, “No! The chance to reappear is always there.”

“Stick to our road map and stay safe.”

A fifth person wrote: “The answer is no!” The reason is that “death” is the result of a plan that appears to be working.

London during lockdown last year

London during last year’s closing (photo:.)

“There is also a suggested end date that is part of the same plan.

“Don’t destroy things by jumping on the gun!”

Another said: “We have come this far, let’s not spoil the successful launch of the vaccine by giving up too early.”

“Doing so along the way will show great benefits.”

The lockdown restrictions were eased this year

The lockdown has been eased this year (photo: …)

Others supported calls to ease lockdown measures, with many saying that “life and the economy” should resume as usual.

It comes after Johnson said the next step in the reopening of England on May 17th – which covers domestic hospitality, entertainment and possibly travel abroad – “would be fine”.

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The prime minister said, “As it is now and the way it is going, with the vaccine being introduced as it is – we have 50 million shots as I’m talking to you today. Hui, a quarter of the adult population, one in four has strokes.”

You see the results of this are already starting to appear in epidemiology.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (photo :.)

“I think we can go forward, and I feel May 17th will be good.

“ But it also seems to me that on June 21 we will be able to set social distancing as we should be doing now, extra counter, I think we have a good chance of dispensing with that.

“It always depends on the data, and we can’t say it conclusively yet. We have to look at epidemiology as we go along, we have to look at where we are with the disease. But that’s what it looks like. To me now.”

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