Boris Johnson urged to block Bain from acquiring government business after report on takeover of South Australia

  • Lord Peter Hain has called on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ban Bain & Company from doing business with the UK government.
  • He described Payne’s behavior as “outrageous” and “despicable”.
  • The government takeover investigation called on law enforcement to investigate Payne.

L’ancien ministre du gouvernement britannique Lord Peter Hain an appelé le Premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson à interdire à Bain & Company de faire des affaires avec le gouvernement britannique à la suite de la publication du rapport de l’enquête’ sur la capture la last week.

The report was scathing about US management consultants’ involvement with the South African Revenue Service and recommended that law enforcement investigate his behavior, which could lead to lawsuits against Bain for awarding contracts to the group by SARS.

The report highlights contempt for government procurement legislation to extend what was originally supposed to be a six-week contract for about 2.6 million rand, to a contract that lasted 27 months and cost SARS about 164 million rand.

In light of Bain’s “illegal” role in SARS, the report recommended that all Bain’s contracts with state departments and agencies be reviewed for regulatory and constitutional compliance.

In a letter to Johnson, Haine said the recommendations were “surprising, and confirm” the deep concern of the South African authorities about Bain’s sordid activities at this company.

“For a multinational company like Bain to act as a willful and conscious partner in the corruption of those intent on undermining the state and democracy of South Africa is scandalous. I therefore find it completely unacceptable that Bain & Co should be allowed to do business in the UK and be approved by your government. By contracting with government departments and public sector bodies.”

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In 2017, British company Bell Pottinger was expelled from the UK Public Relations and Communications Association for its South African advertising campaign that served the Guptas family.

The report revealed that Bain was aware of former commissioner Tom Moyen’s appointment before it was announced, and that Baine’s former managing partner, Vittorio Mason, had frequent meetings with former president Jacob Zuma.

It also found that Ben and Moyani had submitted detailed plans to restructure SARS even before Moyani’s official appointment. The investigation found that the restructuring that Payne orchestrated for SARS hampered him in raising revenue and enforcing tax law.

Bain & Company issued a statement Thursday saying it supports the state’s investigation into the arrest, but found the conclusion it reached about its advisory work disappointing.

“While we remain supportive of the commission and its work, we are disappointed that the first part of the commission’s report misrepresents Bain’s role in SARS. Although we made mistakes in our work with SARS, we remain convinced that we are in no way supportive on purpose or intent,” the statement said. Intent to arrest the state in SARS or anywhere else.

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