Boris Johnson pledges ‘strong support’ to Liz Truss

Success – Boris Johnson will then fly to Balmoral (Scotland) where he will formally tender his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II.

Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson On Tuesday, he promised to give his “strong support” to Les TrussWho will succeed him during his last speech as prime minister. It’s Over Friends was shot by Boris Johnson before he travels to Balmoral (Scotland) where he will formally tender his resignation to the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II.

resignation in july

In his speech, Boris Johnson was forced to resign in early July after repeated scandals, and included Brexit, a Covid-19 vaccination campaign and backing Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion Among the successes of his tenure. As speculation swirls about his future, Boris Johnson likened himself to a missile booster program that “has served its purpose and will now gently re-enter the atmosphere and fall invisibly into a shadowy corner of the Pacific.”

Goodbye Downing Street

Boris Johnson thanked the staff who looked after him, his family and his dog Dylan, and emphasized that while Jack Russell and Downing Street cat Larry “could leave behind occasional difficulties, the Conservative Party can too”, following the country side’s splits.

Elected on Monday by the members of the Council (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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