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Boris Johnson addresses the UK a year after the first lockdown

Boris Johnson will urge people to stay safe as the stay-at-home advice officially ends, allowing friends and families to meet outside. The next step in the facilitated roadmap to shutting down the prime minister in England will see the return of the rule of six families and two families able to mingle in the outdoors and gardens. In another installment, it was reported yesterday that the ministers are studying ambitious plans to allow the British to go on vacation abroad this summer.

Relaxing the rules on Monday is an ideal time, as next week temperatures are expected to reach 24 ° C (75 ° F).

The sunshine and lighter evenings will provide a welcome boost after months of confinement.

The possibility of barbecues in the gardens and picnics in the parks can now become a reality before the Easter holidays.

Mr Johnson will use a Downing Street press conference on Monday to explain the easing of the measures. The prime minister will unveil the government’s new slogan, “Take the next step safely,” which will replace the “stay at home” order.

People will be reminded to stick to “Great Britain” until new restrictions are lifted on April 12th.

But ministers are reported to be looking for ways to allow the British to spend their summer vacations abroad.

The Prime Minister will urge people to stay safe when the Home Board is officially over (Image :.)

Reports say they are studying a three-level travel system.

This will include countries grouped in three Covid regions.

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Arrivals from so-called green countries, where vaccination rates are high and virus cases are low, will virtually not need any restrictions other than side-flow testing.

Amber countries will likely require negative polymerase chain reaction tests prior to travel and some form of quarantine, in addition to a lateral flow test upon arrival.

But quarantine rules in hotels will continue for all Red List countries.

The heads of airlines and the travel industry are excited about the plan and hope it will finally put global travel back on the right track in time for the July rush.

Johnson is set to announce the results of the World Travel Team after Easter.

The nation’s long journey to freedom will take a big leap forward on Monday (Image :.)

Discussions are ongoing with popular tourist destinations in Europe, such as Spain, Greece and Portugal.

This comes at a time when new figures show that the United Kingdom continues to win the battle against the Corona virus as the vaccine continues to be rolled out.

Government data as of March 25 shows that there have been 32.3 million visits in the UK so far.

Of these, 29.3 million were first doses and 3 million were second doses.

While the number of Covid infections has peaked at nearly 6,000 a day, the number of hospitalizations and deaths continues to decline.


Another 70 people died within 28 days of testing positive yesterday (Image :.)

Another 70 people died within 28 days after testing positive yesterday, taking the total for the UK to 126,515, according to government figures.

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Monday’s changes will allow groups of up to six people, from any number of families, or any group the size of up to two families, to congregate in parks and gardens in England.

This ends the “stay at home” order, but people are encouraged to stay where possible. Outdoor sports facilities are also expected to reopen, and organized sports for adults and children could return.

Babysitting and supervised outdoor activities are also permitted for all children.

Shops, hairdressers, nail salons, libraries, outdoor landmarks, and outdoor hospitality venues like beer gardens may reopen from April 12 at the earliest.

Corona Virus

New figures show that the UK continues to win the battle against the Coronavirus (photo :.)

In another step toward freedom, retailers will be able to operate until 10 p.m. beginning on April 12, with the government extending shopping hours in an effort to revitalize the main street after months of closure.

Wells will raise its claim to “stay local” today. In Scotland, the “stay at home” order will be withdrawn from the country on April 2, with the Scots being asked to “stay” instead.

With restrictions eased, many people are expected to drink alcohol to enjoy it with friends and family in their parks and gardens. Richard Lim, managing director of Retail Economics, expects a “substantial” increase in alcohol purchases.

He said, “We expect there will be a huge increase in the demand for alcohol and barbecues as families seek to get together and friends seek to hang out in their outdoors when there is. Rule of Six.”

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“I think families are really eager to start socializing again and being able to sit in people’s gardens with a little bit of good weather. It sure will spur the demand for barbecues, alcohol and even patio furniture. People want that social interaction.”

Despite the new freedoms, many people remain wary about socializing this Easter, according to a survey.

A quarter of 1,200 drivers surveyed by the Center for Regional Activities said they are not planning leisure drive travel over the weekend due to the pandemic. According to the study, motorists expect to make 5.6 million car trips only between Good Friday and Easter Monday. Easter is usually one of the busiest weekends of the year, with 12.2 million trips in 2019.

RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said: “What is traditionally one of the busiest weekends can turn into anything but as the pandemic continues to have a major impact.

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