Boris Johnson is the target of fresh allegations of breaching anti-Covid-19 rules

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Subject to new reports of feasibility New Violations of Anti-Covid RulesTuesday, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The former leader of the Conservative government, who was forced to resign last summer after a series of scandals, mainly Downing Street parties who broke anti-Covid rules, has already been fined.

But it was revealed on Tuesday timesAdministrative Services – The Cabinet Office – As new elements have come to light in preparation for an investigation into the management of the epidemic, new reports have been made to the police.

“Potential” breaches in Downing Street

London police said they were “evaluating” the information from London Cabinet Office On May 19, about “potential” breaches of anti-Covid rules in Downing Street from June 2020 to May 2021.

According to timesthere custody Thames Valley has also confirmed that it has received a report on the events at Checkers, the residence of British Prime Ministers.

Is his parliamentary position at risk?

A spokesman for Boris Johnson condemned the attack times “An obvious attempt to fabricate something out of nothing for political reasons,” he said, noting that the former prime minister’s lawyers, both at the Cabinet Office and the ongoing parliamentary inquiry, argued that the disputed events were legitimate.

Boris Johnson is in fact under the influence of a parliamentary inquiry which is to determine whether he lied to Parliament by repeatedly saying that all hygiene restrictions were respected in Downing Street during the pandemic.

Boris Johnson was questioned by the committee for more than three hours on March 22, when he was asked by MPs about the matter. would lose office, and he confirmed “on the back of his mind” that he had not lied to Parliament.

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