Boris Johnson is once again embarrassed by accusations of the party under confinement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced embarrassing new discoveries on Monday, prompting accusations of violating health rules against the coronavirus, with an email published citing a new event in May 2020.

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After accusations of celebrations around Christmas in the circles of power, which led to the opening of an internal investigation, accusations emerged in recent days about a party on May 20, 2020, and according to some British media, the Prime Minister was present with him. His wife is Carrie.

According to ITV News, Boris Johnson’s senior private secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an email that day to about 100 people, inviting them “after an incredibly busy period” to “take advantage of the good weather” during the day. Far in Downing Street Gardens.

“Join us from 6:00 pm and bring your own drinks,” the message concluded.

When asked – prior to this post – about his presence at the event, Boris Johnson only gave an awkward smile to point out the ongoing investigation.

Angela Rayner, the second opposition Labor MP, called on the prime minister to “tell the truth”, accusing him of “ignoring” the rules. “When he was partying, frontline workers put their lives at risk,” she tweeted, referring to health care workers, “and many of us lost loved ones and couldn’t say a real goodbye.”

A month ago, Boris Johnson’s adviser Allegra Stratton resigned after posting a video in which she appeared joking about a Christmas party allegedly held in Downing Street last year.

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In addition, at the end of December, the Guardian website (left) published a photo showing the prime minister and his cheese collaborators and glasses of wine in Downing Street Park.

Boris Johnson’s services replied that it was a business meeting.

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