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Between those campaigning to save his reputation and those fearing his disruptive influence on the party, one thing is certain: the former prime minister is not done talking about him.

He’s not gone yet, and already, we’re talking about his return. Boris Johnson, undefeated since 1997, twice mayor of London and amassing the largest Tory majority in three decades, has finally succumbed to sexual harassment within his team. Will he qualify for a comeback? From the first minutes of his appointment, new Prime Minister Liz Truss thanked him “friend” Who has ‘Total Brexit’, ‘Crushed Jeremy Corbyn’ And “Vladimir Stands Up Against Putin”. But despite the plaudits of those who supported him to the end, Johnson should not find a position in the new government, for which he could become a real headache.

Key positions

Because if he leaves 10 Downing Street, the former leader of the Conservative Party is currently a member of the House of Commons. He could exert his influence from the benches of the Assembly, where Theresa May already exists, calling for support from the Conservative Party to rally behind her “hard Brexit” plan in 2019. For the next two years, he was prevented from persuading the government, but that counted without his media clout. Boris Johnson, freed as head of government, who can say whatever he wants in newspapers and on many platforms, will be a nightmare for future ministers if they decide to oppose their plans. He has already promised to go in the direction of Lis Truss, but will not hesitate to criticize Ukraine on issues such as regional development or carbon neutrality aims.

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This phenomenon is not new: John Major, who took over from Margaret Thatcher in 1990, bore the brunt of this delicate transfer of power, embarrassed by his predecessor’s media interventions. Keen to curry favor with Johnson, a free electron, the Lis Truss group is preparing to keep some of its clan names in key positions, notably Brexiteur Jacob Rees-Mogg and Culture Minister Nadine Dorries.

Very profitable position

Boris Johnson’s long life as an MP is not guaranteed and he may quit to avoid a parliamentary inquiry that could affect his future. It aims to determine whether he lied to parliament by saying he was unaware of parties organized in his offices amid a pandemic. If he stays and is convicted, he faces suspension from the House of Commons, leading to an election in his constituency of Uxbridge, where his 7,000-vote majority remains slim. His allies, who launched a petition this summer to keep him in office, are trying to discredit the inquiry, while others plan to organize a vote of no confidence in Truss soon.

Meanwhile, like many before him, Boris Johnson will take advantage of the ex-prime minister’s highly lucrative position to pay off debts incurred over the past three years. He could resume his media career with his weekly column of 275,000 pounds (319,000 euros) a year. Daily Telegraph. He will certainly be offered opportunities to speak around the world – a few months after Tony Blair’s resignation, David Cameron became one of the world’s highest-paid speakers when he privately received £10m for two years of part-time work. Consultant. However, according to those close to him, it is not about closing doors, especially not those in power. In fact, during his last speech to Parliament, Boris Johnson ended his farewell with the famous line. Terminator : “Hasta la vista, baby.” Next time, later.

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