Bois Saint-Martin, a new green space accessible from this weekend

Acquired last year by the Ile-de-France region for €14 million, this 280-hectare woodland spread over three sections in eastern Paris offers a new protected natural space.

There was the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes, and there is now the Bois Saint-Martin. Ile-de-France acquired this 280-hectare forest, or a third of the area of ​​the Bois de Boulogne, or 400 football fields, in November 2020 and will open its doors to Ile-de-France residents on Saturday.

“The green space agency teams have been working on this acquisition for 40 years,” Timothy Rowland, chief of staff for BFM Paris explained on Friday.

Along the departments of Val-de-Marne, Seine, Marne and Seine-Saint-Denis, Bois Saint-Martin can be reached within 20 minutes from Paris from Les Ivrys-Noisy-le-station. Large on RER E. Until its acquisition, it represented the largest private forest in the outer suburbs of Paris. To protect the tranquility of this new public green space, it will be forbidden to bike or walk your dog there, even on a leash.

Forest 14 million euros

To date, the wood has been owned by 16 private owners. The Ile-de-France region has invested 14 million euros to buy it, according to Timothy Rolland. This acquisition ensures the biodiversity of forests, wetlands, flora and fauna, from the most common such as foxes to the most protected areas such as the Bondrée apivor. With this in mind, the Val-de-Marne County Council has classified the wood as a sensitive natural space.

“We are in a disadvantaged area, it is a very urban area, there is very little green space and during confinement we saw the psychological impact that can have when we do not have access to this space,” said this Friday at BFM Paris Timothée Rolland, who ensures that 115,000 benefit Breath straight from Saint Martin wood.

The city of Noisy-le-Grand spent 2 million euros to buy a few homes and annexes scattered in the woods and turn them into places of entertainment or culture. With this purchase, the Ile-de-France region completes a mandate: to create 500 hectares of additional green spaces and forests by 2021. The region wants to renew this goal for the new state of Valéry Becres.

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