Boeing | A fine of 17 million in the US for production problems on the 737

(New York) Boeing has agreed to pay at least $ 17 million in fines to the US Aviation Control Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, for production issues of the 737 MAX and 737 NG, according to a statement on Thursday.

France Media

The aircraft manufacturer on one hand installed 759 of these unapproved sensors for this equipment between 2015 and 2019, according to the FAA’s details.

Boeing also issued airworthiness certificates for 178,737 MAX aircraft equipped in 2018 with advanced slatted rails, that is, elements that make it possible to direct the movement of the moving parts of the wing, which are incompatible.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) planned to take corrective measures, otherwise Boeing will have to pay an additional $ 10 million.

In particular, the manufacturer undertook to assess whether its subcontractor oversight operations were appropriate and whether the company was prepared to increase the rate of production of the 737 aircraft.

Boeing also agreed that the Federal Aviation Administration monitor these assessments.

Boeing commented: “We take our responsibility to meet all regulatory requirements very seriously.” “These sanctions stem from issues raised in 2019 that were completely resolved in our production and supply chain system,” the group added in a letter to Agence France-Presse.

The Federal Aviation Administration had already fined the manufacturer $ 6.6 million in February for various safety violations, including $ 5.4 million for failing to implement certain terms of the 2015 agreement.

The agency, which has been criticized for its inaction in the crash of two deadly 737 Max planes, has since ramped up its surveillance.

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For example, it indicated in April that it had launched an audit of the process Boeing used to make minor changes to its production lines after the recent discovery of an electrical problem with the 737 MAX aircraft.

The punishment announced Thursday had nothing to do with these two incidents, which highlighted a flaw in the MCAS flight control program.

Boeing was officially accused of misleading authorities during the 737 MAX approval process at this point, and it had agreed in January to pay $ 2.5 billion to settle some of the lawsuits.

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