bobsleigh kylie humphreys may miss the beijing olympics

Humphreys represented the United States for two seasons, but still does not hold American citizenship, which is usually the standard for representing a country at the Olympic Games. Several government agencies have told her that she is not likely to get her passport until 2023. Reportedly, the process is complicated and delayed due to her controversial divorce from the Canadian national team.

Humphries, who will celebrate her 36th birthday in September, would have been the favorite to win gold in Beijing in the women’s event, the two-man pop, as well as the new single-seat pop event.

He is running out of time to find a solution, it may be necessary for him to come from the IOC at this point.

It was a decision that had nothing to do with me, Humphries said in an interview with The Associated Press. My desire and my will will not change anything. It’s not in my hands if I can get citizenship on time or if I can get an exemption to be allowed to wear the US team colors. It’s hard to accept, especially when you know what the Olympics mean and what they stand for.

She requested an appeal to the IOC regarding Rule 41 of the Olympic Charter, which states that any competitor at the Games must hold citizenship. It also indicates that the IOC’s Executive Committee may intervene in certain cases. Regarding nationality issues.

The International Olympic Committee on Friday confirmed that it will be aware of the situation and discussions on this issue with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and the International Skeleton and Skeleton Federation.

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The US bobsleigh and skeleton federation and the US Olympic Committee are also trying to find solutions to allow Humphreys to participate in the Beijing Games. She added that the International Skateboarding Federation supports her case.

Humphreys still holds Canadian citizenship, but now resides in San Diego, has a residency card, and is married to an American. She won the right to represent the United States in September 2019 after a long dispute with Canadian bobsleigh leaders over accusations of verbal and psychological harassment.

Humphreys won three Olympic medals, including two gold, for Canada.

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