BMW is moving forward with subscriptions for certain options

2023 BMW M760e xDrive | Image: BMW
  • The manufacturer now charges $105 per year for remote start-up in the US.

  • Four other subscription options are available from the infotainment screen.

  • Drivers can buy or subscribe to these options for three years, a year, or even a month.

Despite the reluctance of some car buyers, BMW still believes in the new subscription model for options.

This business model started last year when the company decided to make heated seats available via subscription to buyers in South Korea, but has now reached North America.

In fact, BMW has announced that the remote start system can be purchased through the infotainment systems in its cars, in addition to four other options which are the driving recorder, traffic camera, driving assistant plus, and parking assistant professional.

Fortunately for some, the builder offers a one-time payment option that eliminates recurring fees for most features.

For example, drivers who want the ability to warm up their 2019 or later BMW equipped with a 4- or 6-cylinder engine in the winter before leaving home will be faced with several remote-start push options.

If they want to buy the full feature, they’ll have to pay $330, but they can also subscribe to it for three years for $250, $105 a year, or even a month for $10.

Despite what you might think, this method of paying for features can be profitable for many buyers.

In fact, customers who use remote start for about six months a year can choose to pay just $60 for that period, which means they can use the feature for more than five years before that. It costs them more than buying it outright, and then a lot more owners will upgrade to a newer car anyway.

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The same reasoning applies to Driving Assistant Plus with Stop & Go, which is offered for a one-time payment of $950 or in increments of $20, $210, and $580 for one month, one year, or three years of service. straight use.

Opting for a one-month subscription four or five times a year before long trips on the highway can pay off for drivers who don’t plan to own their cars for more than about 10 years.

Parking Assistant Professional can now be used after paying $220 or a three-year subscription of $130. Annual and monthly fees are set at $50 and $5, respectively.

Not all features offer the same range of payment options, however, as Drive Recorder can’t be purchased for one month at a time, leaving only explicit purchase options, three and a year at $149, $99, and $39.

Also, the traffic cam feature, which alerts drivers to speed cameras, is only available with a $25 yearly subscription, with no option to buy it once and for all.

This limited set of features available through the subscription model is likely to be a litmus test to gauge public reaction in the US, since many other features are part of this model in other markets, such as heated seats, a heated steering wheel, Apple CarPlay, and even suspension. Adaptive M.

It will be interesting to see whether buyers see this as an opportunity to save money on optional features by only paying for them when they intend to use them, or rather as a way for BMW to make more money on cars that have already sold.

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That last impression could be reinforced if the manufacturer decided to deactivate all of these options on used cars so new owners would pay for them again, but we don’t yet know if that’s the case.

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