BMW i7: More details before launch

BMW i7 2023 | Photo: BMW

  • US version confirmed

  • Two technologies were revealed inside

  • A short video is available on the BMW website in the US

BMW has revealed more details about its next flagship electric sedan, the i7, ahead of its rumored official launch on April 14.

The i7 will be the electric equivalent of the 7 Series in the manufacturer’s range, which is why it will be equipped with the latest technology developed by BMW.

Some of these technologies are demonstrated in the video that has now been posted on the company’s US website.

Theater Screen for BMW i7 2023| Photo: BMW

For example, the i7 will be available with the theater screen, which is a large screen that drops from the ceiling just behind the front seats to provide entertainment to the rear passengers on a 31-inch screen. This screen will be equipped with 5G connectivity and a resolution of up to 8K. Part of it will be an advanced audio system and will allow passengers to watch a movie as if they were in a movie theater.

The innovation was demonstrated at the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, which is where many automakers reveal new technologies before incorporating them into production vehicles.

In addition, the i7 will have the Interaction Bar, another new technology from BMW that provides touch controls for some of the car’s functions and will also be a source of ambient lighting.

This piece of glass appears to be fixed to the dashboard where a piece of wood or aluminum would have traditionally been installed and it seems that several styles can be chosen to change the look of the interior depending on the mood of the driver.

BMW i7 2023 reaction bar | Photo: BMW

From the outside, only the front fascia has been shown and the only visual elements are the daytime running lights and an illuminated grille frame, which has already been shown on some of the brand’s other new models.

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The headlights will be separated from the daytime running lights and will be mounted to the bottom of the bumper, following a trend that began nearly 10 years ago, especially on SUVs.

As for the engines, very few official details are known, but BMW has confirmed one of the versions that will be sold in the US, the xDrive60. This name indicates that this version will have a two-motor configuration that gives it all-wheel drive. The company confirmed that this version will have a range of about 483 kilometers. More versions are likely to be added, including possibly one engine variant that will have a longer range, although this has not been confirmed.

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