Blue Origin wants to create a commercial park in space

With partners like Sierra Space, Boeing and Arizona State University, Blue Origin aims to build a special space station called Orbital Reef that will be operational in the second half of this decade.

At an altitude of 500 km and initially to accommodate ten people in a compact volume of 830 m3 (916 m3 for the International Space Station), this reef is presented as the first commercial destination in low Earth orbit to open access to new markets. Tropical reefs will run as ” A mixed-use commercial park in the space.

Experienced space agencies, high-tech associations, sovereign states without a space program, media and travel agencies, backed entrepreneurs and inventors, and forward-looking investors all have their place in Orbital Reef.

Sierra Space is a strategic partner selected by Blue Origin, which highlights the LIFE (Large Integrated Flexible Environment) inflatable living space module, while Boeing in particular will provide the Starliner capsule for people transportation. For example, Blue Origin will use the heavy, reusable New Glenn launcher.

Many elements still have to prove themselves… And despite communications from Blue Origin, Project Orbital Reef still retains a bit of a mystery at this point, as does the funding.

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