Blue Jays: Second double program in four days

The Toronto Blue Jays were forced to rest on Saturday after their clash against the Indians in Cleveland was postponed due to the mild weather.

The only Canadian team in Major League Baseball will instead play the doubles program against rivals Ohio on Sunday. This means Jays will play five consecutive innings, having faced the New York Yankees twice on Thursday and Friday’s match against the Indians that was concluded earlier due to rain.

The situation could have upset manager Charlie Montoyo’s plans to use his archery, which is now burdened with tax due to injuries. However, the coach appears confident in everything, while also wanting the beginners he uses on Sundays to remain in the game for as long as possible. Ross Streepling and Stephen Matz would start first.

“We are relieved now,” said Montoyo, whose comments were quoted by Sportsnet. But when we talk about two games in seven rounds, you always hope your starting players will play six games. This allows you to use only two gunners. We hope Matz and Streep will play at least six games. “

Soon at home

After the two matches against the Indians, the Blue Jays will be on vacation Monday. They will travel to Buffalo where they begin a series of two games against the Miami Marlins on Tuesday.

These will be the first matches the Maple Leaf will play at Sahlen Field, their home in the 2021 campaign. The Jays played their first home match at their Florida facility. Remember, as in 2020, they are once again forced into exile in the US by border restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Slanderer Ruby Ray is expected to be the start of Tuesday’s match, while youngster Alec Manuah begins his second career on Wednesday.

Jays’ best pick (11th overall) in the 2019 draft made a great first appearance last Thursday against the Yankees. In six innings of the action, he overcame his rivals, hitting only twice and collecting seven hits.

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