Bloom Libre – Espace MRCD Montcalm, July 28, 2021

Montcalmois, Montcalmois,

Finally, the summer season has begun and the holidays have begun for many. I wish you to enjoy all the moments of simplicity, happiness and good weather with your loved ones. Time for a barbecue, a swim, and an evening fire with friends or family. For others, it’s a time to move, change, and clean up. No matter the occasion, it is important to be careful and vigilant. We want to keep our citizens healthy and safe! I would like to remind you that it is important to follow instructions regarding flammability indicators at all times by consulting SOPFEU or your municipality’s website and requesting a fire permit from your security department.

Reopening of administrative offices and municipal court

With the relaxation of health measures, the municipal court has already been opened for some time and the administrative offices of the MRC reopened on June 28. Our team is happy to welcome you from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 4:30 pm (closed from 12 pm to 12:45 pm) and Friday from 8 am to 12 pm. Hand sanitizing upon arrival as well as wearing a mask is mandatory. If you need to meet with one of our specialists, it is still best to make an appointment by phone in advance.

Promotional campaign for transportation with economic development

The consolidation of the two MRC services throughout the duration of the project enabled the dissemination of a major promotional campaign on entrepreneurship in the region. The Department of Economic Development and the Department of Transportation have brilliantly put forth the vision and courage of the various entrepreneurs of the MRC. Four visual images each of a businessman are displayed in six bus shelters and in five buses crisscrossing the roads. This project clearly demonstrates the spirit of cooperation and cohesion that prevails within the MRC and that benefits our citizens. Congratulations on this wonderful initiative!

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Residual Materials Management Plan (PGMR)

Elected officials are currently considering what actions should be recommended for the coming years with regard to the management of the remaining materials. These will be included in the Residual Materials Management Plan developed over a seven-year period. The results of this thinking will be published this fall in a press release. We believe it is important to act now if we are to leave a healthy and healthy environment for future generations.

Activity Report 2020

The 2020 Activity Report is now available on the MRC website. Despite the special and challenging context we have all experienced with COVID-19, the MRC has been able to reinvent itself and adapt to it. Jobs were retained and citizen service continued to be efficiently delivered. Congratulations to professionals, elected officials and citizens for showing so much flexibility and understanding! By taking care of each other, we have come to this freedom and are almost back to normal. Keep up your efforts and stay united so that we can soon talk to the past about this historic pandemic. 2021 could be better and our team is ready to publish a thousand projects!

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