Black henna tattoo alert: Here’s what it can do for your skin

© Black Henna Tattoo Alert: Here’s What They Can Do To Skin

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Henna tattoos are on the rise in the summer, for both adults and children. They are presented at markets, beaches and fairs. Anyway, they seem harmless but they aren’t, especially those in black henna which, unlike those natural hennaContains ingredients that cannot be applied to the skin. This is why they can cause serious reactions Allergic, especially in children whose skin is more sensitive.

The Spanish Association of Pediatricians in Primary Care alerted again this summer to the dangers of this practice. This, even if the risks associated with black henna are nothing new. In 2015, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has already issued a statement. That is, this agency warns of the problems that temporary tattoos based on this product can cause.

natural henna

Natural henna tattoo is extracted from a plant, Lawsonia inermis. Therefore, this plant is cherished Lawson moleculewho interacts with Keratin (a type of protein found in the outer layer of skin, hair, or nails) and interacts with it fetch color. After that, a powder is obtained from the leaves and flowers of this shrub. The latter is mixed with other materials to form a Greenish brown paste.

This paste is natural henna and should be in direct contact with the skin for as long as possible to get a maroon red temporary tattoo. In fact, the problem is that natural henna only lasts three or four days. This is why black henna tattoos are so popular.
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black henna

The black henna tattoo is Glossy black It usually lasts more than a week on the skin. Besides, we will get black henna by adding other dyes to the natural henna. like p-phenylenediamine or PPDwhose officials prevent the sale en Direct use on the skin. Because it can cause reactions Very sensitive skinAEMPS warns. In addition, the agency continually sensitizes each person, even upon further contact with the substance. For example, by applying hair dyes, you can suffer from allergic dermatitis.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to black henna

The AEMPS warns that allergic reactions to black henna tattoos can appear weeks after its application, so they are not immediate. Some of them can become very dangerous and irreversible. Such as itching, redness, blisters, permanent skin discoloration, scarring in the area where you have tattooed.

In some cases, urgent medical attention and hospitalization may be required.


AEMPS recommends caution with temporary tattoo offers. Specifically those that are multiplied with henna in the summer on beaches, markets or fairs. Generally, Avoid temporary black henna tattoos And all those who promise to stay for a long time. If you have a black henna tattoo and notice any of the above symptoms (itching, redness, blisters), Consult a physician immediately.

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