Bird flu: the animal husbandry sector gets $5 million

The money allocated comes from a $200 million food security investment made earlier in March.

traveling to ChilliwackMinister of Agriculture , bam alexisI acknowledge the many challenges facing the agricultural sector in the face of the many outbreaks of avian influenza that occurred earlier this year, particularly in commercial poultry farms.

Investing in a sector is essential

The minister said the $5 million envelope would allow farmers to prevent or prepare for the disease.

British Columbia’s agricultural sector brings a lot to communities across the provincenotes. It feeds its neighbors and our economy.

In addition, this amount will allow the livestock and poultry sector in particular to implement emergency plans and train cadres, in addition to purchasing basic equipment in the event of a disease outbreak, specifies the minister.

Spring promotes pollution

This is an amount that cannot be neglected. It gives hope that it will allow to take the initiativeanalyzes Professor Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Montreal.

Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt fears that the arrival of spring will encourage an outbreak of the avian influenza virus. (file photo)

Photo: Radio Canada/Pierre Jani

However, spring on our doorstep means the return of migratory birds, which can carry disease, while the Fraser Valley is an area where Large production of ducks [est] Interspersed with turkey broiler productsexplains a member of the Swine and Poultry Disease Research Center in Montreal.

According to Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, this particularity could help the virus emerge in this area of ​​the province.

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