Billionaire George Soros delivers his son Alexander

(San Francisco) American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros is in the process of giving control of his empire to his son Alexander Soros, who particularly wants to fight the possibility of Donald Trump returning to power, according to a Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal).

Hated by ultra-conservatives, and a regular target of attacks with anti-Semitic overtones, George Soros began creating a network of foundations (“Open Society Foundations” or OSF) in the 1980s, which invest in the whole world in favor of various causes, economic and judicial reforms, the rights of minorities and refugees and freedom of expression.

In the 92nd, he set about passing the reins of his organization to one of his sons, 37-year-old Alexander.

In an interview in Wall Street Journal Posted on Sunday, the latter explains that he is “more political” than his father and that he worries about the idea of ​​former Republican President Donald Trump’s re-election to the White House in 2024.

He told the daily, “I would like to see money not play such a big role in politics, but as long as the other side does, we will have to keep doing it as well.”

Under his leadership, the OSF should continue on the same path – support for democracies, political figures on the American left, etc. But also add other causes such as the right to abortion or gender equality.

Alexander Soros was elected chairman of the foundations board in December, and now he directs the political activities collected within the “Super PAC,” a structure that disburses money for political candidates’ campaigns.

He is the only member of the family to serve on the investment committee of Soros Fund Management, the company that oversees the funds, according to Wall Street Journal.

Most of the $25 billion given to him will go to the OSF in the coming years and $125 million has been earmarked for the super PAC.

The young Soros has made it clear that he wants to be more involved in the United States than his father. He supports programs that encourage Latino and African American voters to vote, and calls on Democrats-elect to communicate better.

“Our camp should be more patriotic and inclusive,” he said. Just because someone votes for Trump doesn’t mean they are a waste or a racist. »

First known for his talents as an investor and speculator, George Soros devoted his money to defending his ideas, from fighting apartheid in South Africa to supporting democracy activists in dictatorial regimes.

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