Bill Blair says: Federal vaccination passport before US borders open

Canada’s public safety minister, Bill Blair, said he was “extremely confident” that a federal vaccination passport would arrive ahead of the opening of the US border, scheduled for November 8.

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Saturday interview on the show Western Bloc The minister assured “Global News” that the procedures related to proving this evidence are “very advanced.”

“I am very confident […] which we will have, for a number of Canadian travelers, this testimony to [la date de réouverture],” he says in the clip.

The issue of federally proving a vaccine resurfaced in the latest Washington announcement, which confirmed this week that Canadians with enough vaccines would be able to cross the land border within weeks.

However, Secretary Blair argued that there were still issues to be resolved before this passport could be put into service.

“There is still work to be done with our partners in the provinces, where the data already exists, and to make sure it is available to Canadians across the country. But real progress has been made,” he continued during the interview.

It must be remembered that each province and territory is responsible for the entry into force of its own vaccination passport, a system that may differ from one party to another in the country.

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