Big outbreak in CHSLD where 96% of the population has already been vaccinated

A major outbreak of COVID-19 this weekend struck the CHSLD Lionel-Émond Center in Gatineau, a long-term care center where 96% of the population had already received a first dose of the vaccine last December.

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On Monday afternoon, the results of this long-term care center counted 23 residents from the same sector, in addition to a few employees who had tested positive for the coronavirus. This was a new outbreak in CHSLD with 64 cases already identified since the start of the pandemic, including 17 deaths.

“We are very disappointed with this result. Not because of the lack of effort or means and it is another big blow to our staff,” admitted Benoit Major, Director of Support for Seniors Independence at the Integrated Healthcare Center. Social Services in Ottawa (CISSSO).

Confidence shook

Public confidence in the effectiveness of vaccination could be shaken by this new outbreak.

“I trust vaccinations because they prevent complications and deaths,” answered this question, the medical advisor for public health at the Awais, Dr. Carol McConnery, confirming that the first dose only exists with an efficiency of 80%.

The origin of this outbreak is still unknown at this time, but community transmission remains among hypotheses as facility workers do, while only 41% of them have agreed to receive the vaccine so far.

In addition to this outbreak in this CHSLD, another was observed among blue-collar workers in Gatineau City with five confirmed cases and about twenty employees on precautionary leave.

A suspected case of the variant has also been detected in the region.

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The situation is even more special as the Awais once again passed through the orange zone on Monday.

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