Big lottery in the United States reaches a record: $ 1.9 billion!

The world record for the lottery is Powerball in the United States with a jackpot of $1.9 billion. (© Adobe Stock)

Imagine what you could do with such an amount in your pocket. in the United States , Powerball, a huge lottery, hit a new record: $1.9 billion! These winnings were triggered on Monday 7th November and are quite simply the biggest jackpot in the world.

This is the 40th time in a row that no one has won the (huge) grand prize. And this Monday? As of this writing, no potential winner has been announced.

Almost the same rules as the lotto

This American lottery was created in 1988, and is located in 44 states. To play it, it’s like Lotto: all you have to do is tick five numbers plus an extra number. Then the lottery is drawn.

Like many lotteries, the odds of winning are slim. Thus, for Powerball, there is a one in… 292 million chance of winning, in detail France information.

What are you crazy about! Moreover, in Uncle Sam’s country, some people spend a lot to try to win the jackpot. The lottery president said, “It’s supposed to be inexpensive entertainment, so please play within your limits. After all, all it takes is one ticket to win,” our colleagues stated.

Last record in 2016

The last Powerball win dates back to January 2016 with a prize pool of nearly $1.6 billion. Three winners shared these gains. “They split up and received a total of $528 million each,” notes Powerball site. That’s just.

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Know that if you are French, you can play on one condition: to be on American soil, even as a tourist. If you like it?

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