Big Grandma is devoured by dogs and dies

A British grandmother died tragically this week after two dogs escaped their master’s awakening.

The play took place on Friday afternoon at Rawley Regis near Birmingham.

According to West Midlands Police, 85-year-old Lucille Downer was brutally beaten by two poachers while in his backyard.

It seems that the animals had gone through a hole in the garden fence before attacking the grandmother.

He was seriously injured and was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was critically injured.

“Lucy is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who has worked all her life as a cook at the Bramford Retirement Home in West Bromwich,” his family said in a statement.

“Born in Jamaica, he immigrated to the UK in his early 20s. He has always lived in Rowley Regis and his family and community will never forget him. ”

A 43-year-old man believed to be the owner of the animal has been arrested for criminal negligence.

West Midlands police said he was released pending further investigation.

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