Biden will deploy 1,500 soldiers to the southern border

Since the beginning of the year, Joe Biden has embraced a series of measures at the southern border that have prompted some Democrats-elect and progressive activists to Compare with Donald Trump on illegal immigration. According to US media, the president will imitate his predecessor in another way, starting from May 10, with the spread 1,500 soldiers In this area for the next three months.

The publication date is not accidental. On May 11, the United States will end use of “Title 42,” a health measure instituted by Donald Trump in March 2020 that allowed border authorities to immediately deport migrants crossing the country’s land borders, including asylum seekers, under the pretext of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biden administration expects that lifting this measure will lead to a sharp increase in the number of immigrants at the southern border.

According to the Pentagon, soldiers will be limited to performing administrative and logistical tasks that would theoretically free up law enforcement and border police. Although they will be armed to defend themselves, they will not be able to participate in police activities.

“For 90 days, these 1,500 personnel will fill critical capability gaps, such as ground detection and surveillance, data capture and warehouse support, so that the Border Patrol can meet these needs,” said Brigadier General Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman. Through support Contractor”.

Military personnel have been deployed to the southern border not only under Donald Trump but also under George W. Bush. Biden is in good (or bad) company, depending.

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