Biden sets out its international priorities

Visit of Professionals: This is how Biden management should be. Steel, whole heads and nerves of wisdom and experience. This is one of the strengths of a democratic president surrounded by a self-confident group that can cut US foreign policy, cut dead branches, and better focus on the Chinese challenge.

These Obama-era players showed extraordinary humility, especially when they were provoked by the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill. Donald Trump is no longer arrogant. America’s allies were in turmoil.

Here they are nervous, even suffering. Seven months later, in a stampede in Afghanistan, the White House deported 6,000 people to evacuate its people, causing a major crisis. The logic would have been to evict civilians and their families first, then civil servants, and lastly the military. Washington did the opposite and was very eager to finally turn this page. Joe Biden’s advisers want to believe in the passing and inevitable storm.

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An unprecedented evacuation (nearly 70,000 people since August 14) was launched. As noted by columnist Jennifer Rubin, in Washington Post, Can be its ultimate success “Dumb” Criticism of management. Especially when the fall of Kabul comes from former officials such as former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta or former General David Petraeus who commanded international forces to compare the defeat of the Pig Bay invasion in Cuba. Holders of Afghanistan “Deliberately fed a false story about the progress of the Afghan army or did not know the reality on the ground”, Wrote Jennifer Rubin on Monday.

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Large gap

Every day seems so short and long. It should try to evacuate all the country’s population by the end of the month, without major slippage on the ground, and gnash its teeth before the Taliban’s final warning.

On August 20, Joe Biden defended his election to the point of denying reality, saying that his country’s credibility was in no way controversial among US allies. “We entered together and left together”, He declared. However, the shock of abandoning Afghanistan to the Taliban, without prior consultation with the Europeans involved in the land, risks signaling the continuation of President Biden.

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