Biden presented a summit to Putin in the coming months

(Washington) The White House announced on Tuesday that Joe Biden had proposed to his Russian envoy Vladimir Putin to hold a summit “in the coming months” “in the coming months” to “build a stable and predictable relationship with Russia.”

France Media Agency

In a new telephone conversation, the US president expressed concern over the sudden influx of Russian troops into occupied Crimea and the Ukrainian border, calling on Russia to “reduce tensions.” News release.

“President Biden outlined the unwavering support of the United States for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Allies.

Joe Biden also made it clear that the United States would act decisively to defend its national interests in response to Russian actions, such as cyber-attacks or electoral interference.

However, the US President pledged to “build a stable and predictable relationship with Russia in the interests of the United States,” noting the need to pursue a “strategic dialogue” specifically on arms control or security. Problems.

“He proposed a summit in the third country in the coming months to discuss the whole series of issues,” he said, adding that the Russian president had accepted the offer.

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