Biden keeps suspense at his official campaign launch

(Washington) U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday slipped a small sentence in affirming his re-election aspirations, but did not reveal a date for his official campaign entry.

“When will you announce (your candidacy) for re-election?” to the question of “, he replied without answering, with a slight smirk:” When I announce it. ยป

The brief exchange with reporters, televised, took place on the corridors of Congress, where the 80-year-old Democrat had arrived to meet with his party’s senators.

Implicit from the short sentence, the American president and his entourage now make it clear that the question is not whether he will enter the presidential race in 2024, but when, except for a big surprise.

The US press expects the official campaign to begin in April, more or less similar to the calendar adopted by his predecessors, such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Joe Biden, 80, is hoping to woo voters by comparing his economic and social record to that of former President Donald Trump, who was already a candidate.

It also takes into account the institutional logic in America, which dictates that most US presidents run for a second term, often successfully.

But the Democrat breaks all historical precedent and all autocracy because of one criterion: his age, which is his main disadvantage with voters.

Already the oldest president-elect in the United States, Joe Biden, according to his last medical report, is in good health and will leave the White House at age 86 if re-elected.

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