Biden is not thinking of “confining” the United States

Executive spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday that the Biden administration does not plan to “lock up” the United States in the face of a possible new winter wave of COVID-19, on the eve of a highly anticipated speech from Joe Biden.

She said during her daily press conference that the US president, who will address the Americans on Tuesday about the Omicron variant, will not announce the “country blockade”, but will emphasize the benefits of vaccination.

It will also announce new “measures” to “increase access to testing” for COVID-19, and work on “risks faced by individuals who are not immunized.”

The Omicron variant, which should quickly overtake Delta in the US according to health authorities, risks pushing the country into a new wave amplified by the end of the year holiday and weather conditions leading to indoor gatherings.

“Tough weeks or months as winter approaches,” White House health crisis advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci announced Sunday.

The United States is the world’s deadliest country in absolute terms, with more than 807,000 deaths from COVID-19.

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