Biden government’s complaint against Texas for electoral division is discriminatory

Washington | The administration of Democratic candidate Joe Biden filed a complaint Monday against the Republican state of Texas, accusing it of redesigning its electoral districts in order to weaken the votes of black and Latino minorities.

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“The Department of Justice is suing Texas for violating the federal ballot law,” Minister Merrick Garland said at a press conference.

Between 2010 and 2020, the Texas population grew by four million people, 95% of whom belonged to minorities. Thanks to this population growth, Texas gained two new seats in Congress, joint number 3 for Department of Justice Vanita Gupta.

But his powers redesigned the electoral districts in 2021 so that “these two new seats are elected by a majority of white voters,” she said.

In the United States, electoral boundaries are re-established in each state after each census. The ruling party often takes the opportunity to regroup voters of the other camp into certain electoral districts, in order to limit their influence elsewhere.

However, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that division of electoral districts along racial lines is unconstitutional.

So the Justice Department asked the courts on Monday to prevent Texas from holding an election with its new division and force it to hold another election.

Last month, the department already filed a complaint against the Texas election law, accusing it of restricting assistance to disabled or illiterate voters.

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In June, he also began proceedings against the authorities in Georgia, accused of wanting to restrict African Americans’ access to their votes.

Since the beginning of the year, Republican-led states have ramped up electoral reforms under the pretext of fighting fraud. But Democrats have denounced the attacks on the voting rights of minorities who vote in favor of the majority.

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