Biden gets Republicans and Democrats to talk about infrastructure

(Washington) Joe Biden meets with Republican and Democrat lawmakers on Monday in a rare meeting to defend his Titanic infrastructure investment plan, which could take its place in U.S. history, but faces stiff opposition.

France Media Agency

The White House meeting with eight congressional officials will be carefully staged to show the will of the new Democratic president who seeks consensus after years of Trump deeply dividing the United States.

Joe Biden says he has not yet received any support from Republicans for his infrastructure project, which could create “millions of jobs” in the fight against climate change.

Their main critique? Let this project go beyond what they define as “infrastructure”.

Not only are roads, bridges, railways, and airports in poor condition, but in addition to investing in high-speed Internet networks, it offers significant investments rather than helping electric vehicles, schools and homes. Assistant Department or Research and Development.

Joe Biden plans to fund his plan with a corporate tax increase of 21% to 28%. Another strong point of tension with Republicans.

Citing the example of President Franklin Roosevelt and his famous “New Deal” plan, launched in the 1930s to wake the United States into crisis after the stock market crash of 1929 – Joe Biden wants to change the country after the Govt-19 epidemic.

“America is no longer leading the world because we are not investing,” he said last week.

If he says he is completely open to “good faith negotiations” including the extent of the corporate tax hike, Republicans will vividly remember the failed negotiations on a grand plan to support the government. The U.S. economy was hit by the epidemic, with $ 1.9 trillion and adopted in March.

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After a few meetings and statements showing their deep differences, the White House and Democrats in Congress decided to take an exceptional path that would allow the Republicans to adopt the plan without it.

They may choose to do it again to accomplish the infrastructure project. But the support of all Democrats in the Senate, which is essential for its acceptance, is not yet guaranteed.

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