Biden and Trump endorse the same hideous character

Joe Biden intends to appoint Elliott Abrams, a former Trump administration official on Iran, to the bipartisan US Advisory Committee on Public Diplomacy. You must do it!

This person’s long and troublesome foreign policy career was marred by a guilty plea in 1991 to lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra affair. He was sentenced to two years probation and 100 hours of community service. Don’t worry about him: His crimes were pardoned by President Bush Sr., and he later held senior national security positions under the Bush Jr. administration.

The Iran-Contra operation involved financing anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua using proceeds from covert arms sales to the Iranian government despite a congressional embargo. Ronald Reagan had authorized it and should have been charged as well. Biden, the senator from Delaware, was then a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

A praise of a massacre

In 1981, a Salvadoran military unit, created, trained, and equipped by the US Army, massacred and raped nearly a thousand people in the village of El Mozote and other nearby hamlets. Elliott Abrams, in his role as Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, downplayed what is considered the greatest massacre in modern American history. Latin.

He even did it again by praising the unit responsible for the massacres during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in 2019 as Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar questioned his credibility when Trump nominated him in charge of the Iran dossier.

Most administrations, Democratic and Republican, abdicate on the issue of human rights. It is bipartisan for the US government to side with unsavory regimes in the name of stability and geopolitical and financial considerations. And not just in Washington.

Even you will tell me, Biden has withdrawn US forces from Afghanistan. Lost. What can he do? Besides, he voted with the invasion of Iraq. His “realist” foreign policy brings the United States in line with authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt and the increasingly authoritarian right-wing government in Israel. Well, that’s right, sometimes he hits them on the wrist.

Abrams and Biden are members of the Foundation.

Abrams’ intimidating track record has never bothered Joe Biden more than it has Donald Trump. It was even reported that he was running to become Assistant Secretary of State. Biden, who has spent more than three decades on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, considers himself an expert on the matter.

Abrams, like Biden, is a member of theinstitution for foreign policy. He is currently a Principal Investigator Council on Foreign Relations from Washington. Shame on them.

And there will also be electoral considerations that would push Biden to give him a boost. “It’s definitely a way to reach out to the neoconservatives and throw them a bone,” says historian and journalist Eric Alterman, who believes it’s a “risky move on Biden’s part.”

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