Beware, the top ten has changed! This is how the platform now measures the success of a movie or series

While Netflix’s top 10 so far is based on the number of subscribers who watched two minutes of a series or movie, the streaming platform is now changing its base for a new way of measuring the show’s success.

The rule has changed. While that red notice And Christmas flow The streaming platform, which has been topping Netflix France’s Top 10 list since its release, has announced a new way to determine its rating for the most watched movies and series around the world. a few days ago, The number of subscribers who watched 2 minutes of the program is no longer taken into account, but good Total watch hours. It is enough to edit several cards, while the weekly top 10 will be published every Tuesday, depending on the hours shown from Monday to Sunday of the previous week, for all titles on the platform.

“A strong indication of the title’s popularity”

“After looking at the different options, we think so Engagement is measured in hours viewed as a strong indicator of a title’s popularityAnd As well as the general satisfaction of the members, which is important to maintain subscription services”Pablo Perez de Russo, Vice President of Strategy, Planning, and Content Analysis at Netflix announced, In a press release Announcing this change. the site It now presents every week 4 of the world’s top 10 movies, a rating of English series, other non-English series, English-language films list and the top 10 non-English films. In addition to these global rankings, which detail the number of hours watched on each title over the past week, you can also refer to the top most watched shows in 90 countries. The top of each country, for its part, is only a no-number order for watch time.

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What are the most popular movies and series currently?

Thus, for the world’s top 10 Netflix in the list of the top 10 films from November 8 to 14, the feature film red notice It tops the movies with 149 million watch hours worldwide, while Season 3 of Narcos: Mexico It is the most popular series in the world with 50.29 million watch hours. However, while the success was overwhelming, red notice fail to move forward bird box, the most-watched movie ever on Netflix with over 282 million hours watched in its first four weeks of streaming. Season 3 of Narcos: MexicoIn the meantime, he’s still far from behind squid game, the best start of a series on the platform with 1.6 billion hours watched worldwide, more than double the second most popular series, The Bridgertons Chronicle, with 625 million hours of watched.

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