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Beware of fake sugars, they are not necessarily healthier than real sugar. This is the message of “60 Million Consumers” in its latest special edition. The point with Frédéric Brabonaud, on 12/13 on Friday 9th December.

Journal test results 60 million consumers be abrupt at times. The magazine reviewed so-called “natural” sugars, so “natural” is not necessarily synonymous with “consumed without moderation.”, refers to Frédéric Brabonaud, on set 12/13, Friday 9 December. The journalist cites the example of coconut sugar, maple syrup, or even agave syrup. In fact, they are high in fructose, which when taken in excess can lead to fatty liver disease.she explained.

We need glucose, it’s our fuel.

When we think of fake sugars, we think of sweeteners. Is it good for health? A warning, because recent studies show that consuming sweeteners, such as aspartame or sucralose, may be associated with an increased risk of not only cancer, but also cardiovascular disease., says Frédéric Brabonaud. It also means we can no longer have sugar, which is hard as Christmas approaches. “We need glucose, it’s our fuel, but often, in moderation.”adds the journalist.

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