Better management of Lyme patients

Lannemezan is a center of competence for Lyme disease. Despite this device, patient care continues to raise questions, hence the National Assembly Information Committee headed by Jeanine Dubé.

Lyme disease is a problem that has long challenged Janine Dubé. Since her first term in office, a deputy from the High Pyrenees has spoken to the Assembly about this issue, with questions to Marisol Turin, Minister of Social Affairs for the first time in October 2016. The elected representative had taken up the file after having met since 2013, in his parliamentary office, People who suffer from neurological or joint symptoms, they come to explain their medical wanderings, their treatment predicaments, and their suffering as well. Faced with the number of patients, the previous part of social medicine cannot remain indifferent. She is involved, first with Rep. Chance Geroni during her first term and now with Vincent Descor and Nicole Trace, co-chairs of the Lyme Disease Study Group. She currently chairs an information committee on “Lyme Disease: Improving Care,” which follows the cycle of hearings last September on the chronic extent of the disease.

Do not leave the patient in pain

Discussions began on February 9th with all stakeholders, epidemiologists and infectious diseases, but also support for patient and family associations. Because despite the national plan to combat Lyme disease in 2016, the number of cases continued to increase until last year and some scientific societies reject chronic disease, and are recognized by the Supreme Health Authority. More than that, this disease “takes shape”. Janine Dubé explains: “Some infectious disease specialists deny how serious this disease is, and send patients away without any explanation, diagnosis or any perspective. However, their suffering is very real: we cannot, we must not leave those who suffer from this in nature without Amal “. She continues: “Since 2017, a new graduate organization has been created. The patient first goes to his attending physician, which is the portal. If there is any doubt, he is referred to one of the centers. The specialty, such as Lannemezan, is where he is received by medical professionals. There is also.” Five reference centers in France to exchange experiences with centers of specialization. ”The deputy categorically said:“ I cannot believe for one moment that it is only about depression. It is really Borrelia that in some cases causes disturbances in the human body, and not because we cannot explain why it is not there. The epidemic we are living in, with the prolonged form of Covid, may make it possible to strengthen the management of Lyme disease, to break the deadlock and debate about this pathology. We must hear people’s distress, not leave them unattended in nature. Even if you understand the doctors ’questions, it is easy It is very much to say that because it is not scientifically proven, there are only psychological or psychological causes. Through research, we will improve diagnosis and patient management. We must strive for it to progress.

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