Best Jackie Chan games to check out

Best Jackie Chan games to check – rds video games

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If there’s one actor with hidden sides, it’s Jackie Chan. And even if his career has been a quick jaunt in the West for a few years, he is still very famous all over the world. This inevitably gave rise to many of his games, giving us the opportunity to bring out the best of them and let you discover them.

Featured image: Sony Pictures TV

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Jackie Chan stuntmaster

Even if we have to admit that Playstation 1 games have not stood the test of time, with graphics that often age poorly, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster is still a more than interesting game. The game’s aesthetic echoes the Jackie Chan films of the ’80s, with unlikely enemies like ninjas in the middle of New York. The animation effect of the game makes it still very playable nowadays and we really had a great time there.

Image credit: Midway

The Adventures of Jackie Chan: Legend of the Dark Hand

Although it is available in Europe on Playstation 2 under the name Jackie Chan Adventures, in North America you should be satisfied with the Legend of Dark Hand on Game Boy Advance. The all-around great Beat’em, which even if it’s not the prettiest game on my little laptop, is still a lot of fun. The game is based on the animation starring Jackie Chan, which more or less took the first two seasons. Enough to vent some games.

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Image credit: Activision

Action Kung Fu by Jackie Chan

Although it also has a NES version, it is the PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 version that is considered the most beautiful. You can play as Jackie Chan in a platform and action game, where he goes to save his sister. You will have to go through five levels and face as many bosses as possible before getting there. It is a very simple game, but it offers good difficulty as well as great maneuverability. Added to this is some great music and some great graphics. What else ?

Image credit: Hudson Soft


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