Benjamin Biolay and Boom won the Victoires de la Musique

(Paris) Benjamin Biolay, a prominent figure in the French music scene, and Boom, a singer with delicate scripts, has been crowned 36-year-old artist and artistH Musical victories Friday night.

France Media

For Benjamin Biolay it is a double: at the same time he received the award for Best Album with him Grand prize. At the age of 48, he now has six wins.

Apple, the voice of the #metoo movement in music, is getting its second win at the age of 24, following the title of the revelation album obtained last year for Gaps.

Grand prize de Biolay is a concept disc narrated by his passion for Formula 1.


Benjamin Biolay

But this album was so successful How is your pain?It also allows him to open his “private notes” while remaining “in the dark”, as the artist was captured in June 2020 at the time of release.

Political weapon

For the album, Biolay was in a race with lovable By Julian Doré; The two wicked ones By Gaël Faye; Ladies From Grand Corps Malade and the Paradise Ben Mazoe.

When asked to spin the metaphor to see who has always been on top of the podium in his eyes, he said, “The biggest Formula 1, for me, is still Rolls, it’s Melody Nelson.” Serge Ginsburg, who also just followed his code of conduct, signed.

The singer-songwriter has doubled down on projects in recent years, between his own recordings, and his collaborations (with Vanessa Paradis, for example) or homage, like this album about Charles Trene.

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Besides his music career, the singer has doubled his forays in the cinema. And the roles are more and more consistent, whether with Agnes Jawi (At the end of the story), Tony Marshall (number one(Or Christophe Honoré)Room 212).

Another long-awaited victory, an artist’s victory, ended up in the hands of Apple, which struggled to confront Aya Nakamura, the most listened French artist in the world.

This trophy is the highlight of the #metoo movement, which is still emerging in the music industry and called #Musictoo.

Apple already described its “arrival in the music industry” as “painful” in an open letter published Thursday by online media outlets Mediapart. “From 15 to 17 years old, I was manipulated and harassed morally and sexually, without me being aware of it at the time of course,” the 24-year-old said.

By receiving her award on Friday, she was wishing for a “safer” (music) industry for women, in the hope that the latter could “overturn” the environmental laws.

Yseult, this year’s feminine revelation, commented, “There is still a long way to go for women, blacks and the fat.” The singer has always made it clear that she has made her skin color a political weapon through her songs and videos.

But i love you, By Grand Corps Malade and Camille Lellouche, it was named best song.

Jane Birkin and Baskets

The triumph of male revelation went to Herve. Julian League won Best Clip for we, Along with two of his mischievous dinosaurs.

The concert, which is regularly accused of ignoring the big vendors of the moment – of urban music – also featured more Stream (More than 101 million times) between December 2019 and November 2020, Do not come backBy Gradur and Heuss L’Enfoiré.

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Among other prizes awarded, we will remember the Victory of Honor awarded to Jane Birkin, in sneakers as usual, throughout her career.

The health crisis requires. The evening took place in a strange atmosphere without an audience, in the music of Seine in the Paris region. However, there were nearly 200 extras in the room to show appreciation.

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