Bénéjacq: sports area, third place and Pyrénées Street secured on the municipality’s list

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An outdoor sports area will be established in the “Jean Madon” complex with the installation of new equipment. For this project, a group of elected officials worked for a year with associations and schools in the city. Thus, the construction of a pump track (training tracks for mountain biking, jet skiing, scooters, and snowboarding) has just begun. A multi-sports court and a basketball court (3-3) surrounded by a running track and table tennis, planned for the end of the year.

Two calls for projects in the sports field

This work is supported by the National Sports Agency (ANS) to the tune of 60 thousand euros, and its mission is to develop sports practices on the same structure.

Elected officials responded to a call for projects under the “5000 Sports Grounds” plan, and then a second call for projects from the administration under the 2024 Olympic Games in connection with the “Jeux 2024 Land”. Label. This second filing was submitted this summer for a response expected at the end of December 2022. This second funding will enable the launch of a second phase in 2023 focused on racquet sports and green space creation.

Improving safety on the county road that crosses the city is a priority for elected officials, but the work the latter is doing is “meticulous” because the stakes are high and the actors to be faced are numerous.

First of all, bus stops must be secured. Mayor Marie-Ange Kasala Crutze and elected officials met the services of the Regional Council responsible for school transportation to move bus stops to the churchyard and town hall to avoid stopping in the middle of a bend in front of the city hall.

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Driving on shared roads

In the second step, work is being done by the Public Agency for Local Administration (APGL) with which the municipality agreed, to study solutions to make motorists responsible for exceeding the authorized speed and allow our citizens to roam on shared roads (car, bicycle, pedestrian).

Meetings were held with the Department’s Road Service, APGL, elected officials. After various studies, proposals were made by APGL, dividing this system of methods into four segments of actions. Elected officials have asked them to clarify some of these proposals, taking into account comments made by citizens. The municipality is waiting for these requests.

Finally, a consultation will be conducted to make choices with the involvement of residents and consideration of the budget. The work will take place over several years.

Marie-Ange Casala Crozet emphasized “the important work that elected officials do, in addition to the day-to-day work, in the company of municipal officials. Without this teamwork and regular investment, such projects and site improvements would not see the light of day after just over two years in the office.”

Multimedia room

The so-called “BO” room, adjacent to the City Hall of the City Council, will be renovated and transformed into a third space that will be open to all: a common and connected space (video projectors, laptops for administrative aids), a space for reading, exchanges and conferences. Elected officials will also hold committee meetings there. Work will start at the end of the year.

The so-called BO room will become a third, connecting place.

Jean-Luc Toron

The city's stadium will complement the sports facilities.
The city’s stadium will complement the sports facilities.

Reproduction by Jean-Luc Toron

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