Below are the features that will not be available at launch

As is often the case, not all of the iOS 15 features that Apple announced will be available immediately at launch, later today. In fact, these are not ready or unstable enough to be disseminated to the general public. We make you interested list.

There are only a few hours left before the audience can get their hands on it iOS 15. Along with iPadOS and tvOS, Apple has announced Posted worldwide on September 20, to be ready when the iPhone 13 is officially launched on September 24th. It is very likely that in France we will have to wait until tonight to be able to access the update. In fact, the Cupertino company generally publishes its major updates around 10 am. Taking into account the time difference, that brings us back to that Today 7 pm.

In recent months, the manufacturer has unveiled several new features accompanying the arrival of iOS 15. Something that makes users mouths water, after the big update that was iOS 14.5. but, Some will not be available at launch from the operating system. We already know that Some older iPhones will have to deprive themselves of some features. But we must also take into account the development time, which will not end tonight.

What iOS 15 features will not be available at launch?

And therefore , App Privacy Report It will not be in the game. Compatible with iOS 14.5, as well Android 12This feature will allow the user to get detailed access to all the data collected by their apps, as well as the permissions granted to them. Another great absent 3D navigation in CarPlay You will have to wait a little longer. This will showcase some of the larger buildings, as well as offer several driving options and personal guides.

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SharePlay It is one of the features that Apple stayed on the most during the main presentation of iOS 15. The latter also allows you to share songs, videos, and their screens during a Facetime call. Here again, you have to be patient before you can take advantage of it. It’s the same for old contacts, which offers the ability to control your iPad or Mac from its computer. As it would not be possible Customize your iCloud address with your own domain name. in the last, ID cards will not be immediately available in the wallet.

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