Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom … Can we go there or go back to prison?

Thinking of going on vacation or spending a week abroad, in Europe or even abroad? Bison Foote will tell you the color is orange-red in the direction of departure and green in the direction of return. In fact, from April 3, 2021, the entry of strengthened measures to fight the Govt-19 epidemic, “Leaving the French territory to a country in the European region must be justified for a compelling reasonSpecial conditions may apply depending on whether you want to go to Switzerland, Belgium or the United Kingdom.

I wanted to go to Belgium for a weekend, I don’t know how to get there … (Sandy, Ile-de-France) / I booked a 10 day stay at Switzerland with Airbnb. Can I go there? (Caroline, Oxidani)

To relax a few days away from home, these are two questions that will take the air of a little fuck. Sorry to tell you, but it’s better to postpone this project until later. Of course, “The inner borders of the European region remain open“But, as the government notes on its website, tourists are banned until the beginning of May. Currently, tourism is not on the list of accepted reasons for going to another country.
Sandy lives in Ile-de-France and wants to spend the weekend in Belgium. Without a compelling professional or family reason, this is not possible because he does not live within 30 kilometers of the Franco-Belgian border.

PDF document explaining entry requirements for Switzerland

Caroline, can she go to Switzerland? A forerunner, it is not … admittedly, the Swiss Federal Council did not explicitly mention the ban on tourists entering its territory. However, certain rules in practice may make your accommodation unattractive. According to Swiss officials, this all depends on the country and region you are from. Federal Office of Public Health a ListStates and regions at high risk of Govt-19 infectionCaroline knows that the oxytocin area is one of them.
Clearly, to enter Switzerland, you must fill out an entry form and notify yourself to Canton officials, who will present a negative test and, above all, put you in isolation.. If you cannot justify a business trip or for important medical reasons, do not postpone. Vacation accommodation can be chosen to spend your isolation, the duration of which is set at 10 days. “Anyone who breaks the obligation to be in isolation could be fined up to 10,000 Swiss francs if they violate the Epidemiology Act.“, Warn Swiss authorities.

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I have been in a relationship for many years with a French woman living in Paris, Belgium. We are not married or in civil society. Can I go see her? (A.J., Belgium) / Hello, can you see my friend Lily who lives in France? I was 30 km from his house near the border. If so, what certifications do I need to do? (Solo, Belgium)

International travel, regardless of destination, is only allowed if there is a personal or professional need.“, We read on the site of the French Foreign Ministry. The only exception is for border residents, who can travel around 30 km around their home.

Solo and A.J., who live in Belgium, do not meet the same criteria. Wanting to find his partner in Paris, AJ breaks the 30km mark. “Compulsory reasons The rule does not apply to the spouses of French citizens and their children“, Refer to the French authorities. AJ is not married, has no civil partnership and has failed to prove the state of emergency, so he cannot come to see his partner.
Within 30 km around his house, Solo can get around by proving that he really lives in a “border area”. The negative result of the PCR test was carried out less than 72 hours before departure, unless he was touring during the day.

Pledge certification model

An affidavit may also be required, depending on the modalities of the trip.They did not communicate with the sick person for 14 days prior to departure“This certificate is required when traveling by air and boat. However, it is not required to cross the border by train or car.

My daughter is in the hospital, can I come see her? She lives in Switzerland. (Faria Lucia, il-de-France) / My mom had cancer surgery and she came home again. He lives in Switzerland, a few kilometers from the border. Can I help him? I live in Ilsak, 25 km from her home. What does the tick do? (Hike, Grand SD)

These two questions are obviously not a pleasant journey. As mentioned above, Switzerland is allowed to cross its border with France under certain conditions. Heik, who lives in the Grand-East region, about 30 kilometers from his mother, who lives in Switzerland, can meet him and support him. Caring for a sick loved one, and therefore in a vulnerable situation, is considered a family goal. No need to fill out the entry form for the Helvetian country, or a negative PCR test. Box 3 of Exception Certificate must be checked, “For compelling family reasons, travel to help vulnerable people“, Bring proof of address and observe some of the rules of hygiene and conduct that are common in Switzerland.

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Faria Lucia plans to meet her daughter who has been admitted to hospital in Switzerland. This can be understood as a compelling family factor, except that Faria’s daughter is being cared for as she is being hospitalized. A serious position can be justified to visit him in this matter. But above all, know that Ile-de-France is one of the nine most popular French territories right now Swiss list (Updated weekly) to states and regions at high risk of infection. In other words, to go to Switzerland you have to fill out an entry form in Switzerland, report it to the cantonal authorities, present a negative PCR test and above all go for isolation for 10 days before visiting anyone.

Hello, I am Spanish. I arrived in Madrid at the end of March before the new travel restrictions were implemented. I would like to return to my main home in Artech on April 28th. I would like to know if this is possible and under what conditions. (Mary, Auvergne-Rh -ne-Alps) / I would like to return to Borg-en-Press on Sunday, April 18 in Villajoosa, Spain, is it possible for me to return? (Colmart, Auvergne-Rh -ne-Alps)

According to Colmart and Ralian, there is no ban on returning to the country if they are of French descent. No compelling reason is required to return home. Mary, who speaks Spanish, should have no problem reaching her main home in Artech. The same ban for everyone: “As with all passengers aged 11 and over from any foreign country, the PCR test was performed less than 72 hours before departure“, As mentioned on the site of the French government.
If returning to France is by air or by boat, you will need to. “Evidence of their respect that there are no symptoms of Govt-19 and that they have not been in contact with the sick person for 14 days prior to their departure.This certificate is not required if you are traveling by road or rail. You will not be subject to the isolation period during your arrival.

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However, pay attention to the traffic rules and curfew orders currently in force in Spain and France. On the French side, travel is prohibited from 7pm to 6am. Please bring proof of your address and any other document proving that you traveled.

I have to go to Tanzania to sign the lease for my house and hand over the keys. Is this a compelling reason to go there? I have the documents and the title deed. (Window / Auvergne-Rh -ne-Alps)

Unless there is a main reason, it is forbidden to leave our territory to a country outside the EU. Be it health, family or professional. It may also worry about returning to the country or country of residence (without a guarantee of return to French territory, unless there is a compelling reason)“, Refer to the French authorities.
Is it a mandatory reason to sign the lease and hand over the keys? We do not believe in the answer to Windy’s question “Indicative list of compelling reasons justifying travel between French territory and a country or territory not belonging to a European country.

Reasons to travel abroad

No question regarding the United Kingdom has reached us and we can travel on it. “At 12:00 AM on March 15, 2021, all voyages to Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Singapore are no longer subject to the production of a mandatory purpose“, Indicates His site Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. But some lines below remind us that there is a limit of 10 kilometers to any trip in France. Result: “International travel, whatever the destination, is only recognized if there is an urgent or professional need“.

However, be aware that the health situation in the UK wants to improve. Since April 12, non-essential stores have been able to reopen their doors, and cinema screenings and open-air concerts have been re-approved there (Check out the list of changes here).

To enter the UK and Scotland, it is mandatory to present a negative test of less than 72 hours. “It can be a PCR test or an antigen test, with a specific threshold of 97% and 80% sensitivity.“, Mark Officers. To this, you need to add 10 days of isolation.

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