Beijing sends a relentless ambassador to Washington

(Beijing) China sent to Washington an ambassador known for its intransigence, Chen Gang, at a time when relations between the two major world powers were “at a standstill,” according to Chinese diplomacy.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington said Chen, whose appointment has not been confirmed by an official source despite multiple rumors, arrived at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport on Wednesday, and released photos of the new ambassador, wearing a mask with a prominent red flag.

Mr. Chen has earned a reputation as a “fighting wolf,” this new breed of Chinese diplomats known for their aggressive tone toward Western countries.

But upon arrival he was conciliatory with his hosts.

“I will work hard to build channels of communication and cooperation with all sectors in the United States, and I will work to put China-US relations back on the right track,” he pledged, according to remarks carried by his embassy.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, human rights, trade, technologies and the origins of COVID-19: There is no shortage of contentious issues between the two leading global powers and US President Joe Biden has yet to change the confrontational policy of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

China on Monday issued a formal indictment against Washington’s policies during the first visit to the country by a senior US diplomat under Biden, Wendy Sherman.

Bilateral relations “reached a dead end”, this is what the Chinese interlocutor started, accusing the Americans of seeing China as an “imaginary enemy”.

The new US administration has yet to appoint an ambassador to Beijing, but press reports have reported the appointment of professional diplomat Nicholas Burns.

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