Beijing and Washington are debating behind closed doors after a major confrontation

After two sessions on Thursday in Anchorage, Alaska, the US and Chinese secretaries met for the last time to conclude the first face-to-face meeting since the new US president arrived at the White House.

Joe Biden said to himself iron Its foreign minister, Anthony Blinken, has stood up to his Chinese counterparts.

The day before, at Opening words that were not diplomaticThe two camps arranged the gap between them in an unprecedented way. Freed from careful protocol, they expanded their notes, taking turns talking to try to get the last word, and responding in quick succession to rare ferocious attacks coming from the opposite side.

Anthony Blinken immediately accused Beijing Threatened The Global stability And listed Deep fears To Washington Genocide Attributed to the Chinese authorities against Uyghur Muslims, but also Hong Kong and Taiwan, cyberattacks against the United States, and economic coercion against our allies.

Yang Jiechi, chief diplomacy officer of the Communist Party of China, said he stung quickly Strong opposition To this The United States interferes in China’s internal affairsThe United States is threatening retaliation Farmer.

After that, he embarked on a long indictment against the United States, accused in particular of involvement in it Champions In terms of cyber attacks.

He called on the state to do housework first, criticizing the opposition American democracy What Washington wants impose In the world, but even the Americans no longer have them confidenceAnd the anti-racism movement called “black lives matter” to denounce the record of the world’s leading human rights force.

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It’s never a good idea to bet against AmericaAnthony Blinken responded, claiming that he had heard many countries explicit Deep fears On the Chinese position.

The Biden administration wants to form a united front with its allies to the opposition Position of force To China, set up in The greatest geopolitical challenge of the 21st century.

The United States is not qualified to say that it wants to talk to China from a position of strength.

Yang Jiechi, CPC Diplomacy Officer

Yang Jiechi lamented is yours And the Landing the level Than its American counterpart.

Even after the journalists left the room, and after more than an hour of heated discussions, the two parties continued to accuse each other of poisoning the atmosphere and Violating Protocol.

A senior US official said the Chinese offered Demagoguery And the Preferred theater acting over thematic discussions.

On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded that Americans were the first to play a game excitement.

When the Chinese delegates arrived in Anchorage, their hearts froze because of the bitter cold, but also because of the welcome from their American hosts.Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian protested in Beijing. These morals are far from diplomatic etiquette!

Moderate expectations

China was particularly annoyed by the recent US sanctions against its takeover of Hong Kong, which were announced on the eve of this meeting.

Even before the meeting in Alaska, expectations were low, as President Biden demonstrated his determination to continue on the steady path that his predecessor, Donald Trump, had taken.

But the Biden team, which has criticized the Trump administration for its isolation on the world stage and its both violent and muddled diplomacy, claims that it wants to be more methodical in order to be able to. field The Asian giant faces common challenges, such as global warming.

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White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Anchorage assured that the United States does not want to conflict With China, but they were Open to intense competition.

He called Yang Jiechi Abandon the Cold War mentality And also beg to get some form cooperation.

Once behind closed doors, delegations also had a long conversation on Thursday. Big, serious and straightforwardWe confirmed to the American side.

We hope the United States will come to meet with China [afin de] Return bilateral relations to a solid and stable development pathBeijing added.

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