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Co-produced by Crab Cake Company And the Contrefeux CollectiveAnd the room It is a new space in Rennes dedicated to photography, located at 3 Victor Hugo Street in Rennes. As an opening exhibition, Clemens LesneyAnd Louise Kenyon And Lawrence Perron It is suggested to discover worksIsabel Scotta And’Yekaterin Kolesnikova From April 2 to May 1, 2021.

the room Soon he will open his walls with picturesIsabel ScottaPhotographer from Brest by birth, W. Yekaterin Kolesnikova, Documentary photographer based in Tbilisi (Georgia). He started and supported it Crab Cake Company And the Contrefeux Collective, Photographer and Videographer of Rennes Clemens Lesney, Quebec PhD student in Literature and Image Science Lawrence Perron And the photographer from Rennes Louise Kenyon They are responsible, on a voluntary basis, for this new artistic association in the heart of Rennes city center.

the room You don’t want it to be a classic display space and complement the already existing community activity in Rain. “ Energetic, warm and friendly », Will deal with everything related to photographic creativity in a broad sense. “ It will not be just an exhibition. We’d love to open an exhibition space, but also create a welcoming living space where you can come and sit. “, Announce Clemens Lesney.

A name that resonates with works Claire’s room By Roland Barth, Dr’Your own room By Virginie Wolf, or in my room By Guillaume DastanThe play of references in these works indicates the relationship of space to image, but also indicates what are aesthetic trends, and our political feelings (lesbian feminists).) “, Could we read in the press file. Sensitivities were reinforced and confirmed by the specificity of the drawing of the name the room – “ée” in comprehensive writing, inspired by Bei bye binary. « The idea is to make sure you leave the space for people who don’t necessarily have vision, or have a greater difficulty getting it, such as women and transgender people. », You specify.

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The first exhibition, Desert muff

« This kind of project is a dream, we perfectly imagine what we would like to present. “Ideally, the work of the local photographer would intersect with the work of an artist geographically far away, such as the first exhibition to combine the works of the Parisian artist. Isabel Scotta Based on Yekaterin KolesnikovaIt is based in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Referring to the book Desert muff from Nicole Broussard, The title of the gallery gives an indication of the colors in the footage. they “ Empty landscapes, sometimes lilac next to the moon, sometimes dazzling lilac “The scenes will be immersed in the aesthetics and sensibilities of the photographers,” Two languages, two powerful formulas find the answer ».

Reindeer Pictures Room
© Isabel Scotus, Cactus

La Chamberi – 3 Victor Hugo Street, 35,000 Rennes

Exhibition from 2 to 1 Aprilhe is May 2021

CV of the exhibitors (Source: Press Kit)

Yekaterin Kolesnikova He is a documentary photographer based in Tbilisi (Georgia). In 2018, she graduated from the Faculty of Intercultural Meditation and Immigration Studies at Ca’Foscari University in Venice. She often positions herself as an observer trying, in real time, to dialogue with residents of a particular geographic area. The social, cultural and economic determinants of daily human activities are an integral part of his visual language.

At the same time, she works as a freelance photographer for the report and covers events for communities, exhibitions or associations, and also supports artists for their communication (photos, exhibitions, editorials, concerts, etc.). She often loves to work in natural light, without scaling and capturing unique atmospheres as accurately as possible. His photos have been shown in France and Tunisia.

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He was born in Brest, Isabel Scotta He grew up in Nantes and currently works in Paris. There she became interested in visual arts, especially photography. She tried different mediums like graphics, drawing and engraving, but this needed movement, to scan areas, which led her to photography. His cinematography seeks to retreat from the symbols of a unified world to reconnect with the poetic form of existence.

The story behind the picture plays an important role in the storytelling process. Through her photographic works, she tries to highlight her favorite themes, such as the phenomenon of memory, time and space, as well as concepts of identity and space. She enjoys telling stories and real-life experiences that she witness and express through different everyday scenarios.

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Doors are open during fair hours from Thursday to Saturday from 2 PM to 6 PM. With the possibility of amendments that will be published on social networking sites!

Metro access: Sainte-Anne / République

Bus access: République – Chronostar: C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 / Urban Lines 9 11 12 40 44 / Capital Lines 50 53 54 55 56 57 64 67

La Chambrée offers sill slopes to facilitate access for people with disabilities.

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