Bectu solidarity with French unions to defend public broadcasting service

Bectu joins UNI Global Union, the French branches of the General Confederation of Labor, the French Democratic Federation of Labor and Force Ouvrière in calling for sustainable financing of public service broadcasts.

France is set to scrap TV licensing fees, which generate around 3 billion euros each year, by the end of this year. The license fee is used to fund the productions of France Télévisions, including France 2, France 3, France 5 and Arte. It also supports Radio France operations, as well as international offerings such as France 24 and RFI.

It is unclear how the station, or its wireless counterpart, will be funded once the existing license fees are removed.

Ask for sustainable financing

Unions in France are campaigning for sustainable financing of French public broadcasting in order to preserve cultural diversity and media pluralism.

Bectu believes that investing in the democracy of our societies should translate into adequate, dynamic and progressive financing of public broadcasting and that its financing should allow investment in the people who do public broadcasting, in their talents, skills, professionalism and abilities. .

We support the demands and actions of our French colleagues to preserve cultural diversity and media pluralism. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues who called for the 28 June 2022 strike and support their efforts to save public broadcasting.

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A statement by UNI Global, supported by media, entertainment and arts unions worldwide, said:

“Weak public broadcasting means weakening commitment to a pluralistic, diverse, inclusive and outward-looking media system.

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“In a world dominated by powerful multinational corporations that reduce public space and promote the development of the general public, public broadcasting is an actor that ensures an accessible space for all citizens to express the voices, stories and themes that reflect the diversity of our societies.

Investing in the development of public broadcasting means investing in the public cultural space of our societies and in democracy.”

Threats to the UK’s public broadcasting service

It comes as the BBC faces deep threats to its funding model. As the BBC’s largest trade union, Bectu is leading the campaign to protect the BBC with our More Than License campaign. Read more and sign the petition here.

Bectu, along with the UK Entertainment Federation, recently wrote to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Nadine Dorries, urging her to reconsider the government’s plans to privatize Channel 4. To find out more, click here.

The National Congress of Bectu and Parents Association Prospect recently noted that public service broadcasting is under attack like never before and issued two proposals to defend public service broadcasts, creative content and jobs.

Bectu believes that the government’s plans to privatize Channel 4 and its threats over BBC licensing fees are an act of cultural vandalism and we will not let these attacks go unanswered.

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